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Lesley Paterson Gears Up for Xterra World Championships!


After winning Cross Triathlon World Championships in Denmark back in July, Liv athlete Lesley Paterson is ready to add another Xterra World Championship title to her long list of career accolades. The race takes place this Sunday, October 28 in Maui.

As she gears up for the challenge, Paterson had this to say:

“So, its race week and you know what that means? Taper tantrums! All this preparation for one day. You’ve visualized this moment all year and focused every workout towards peaking for it. How do you not succumb to the pressure of it all?

Gratitude – that’s the only way. Finding the joy in what you’ve already achieved to get here. What positive experiences can you draw upon? Remembering the laughs you’ve had with training buddies, the views at the top of the mountains you’ve climbed, the times you didn’t think you could hold on but you did, the fact that every time you’ve been nervous for a session or event, you’re body has taken over and known what to do.

The Xterra World Championship takes place every October in Maui and this is my 10th year attending. There’s been amazing experiences and not so amazing ones, world titles won and complete failures. Every year I touch down and there’s a nervous excitement for what lies ahead!

This year, I arrived 10 days before the race to get out on the race course with my Liv Obsess and check the lines, dial in my suspension, and get to grips with the pain that will come. This course is twisty and turny, muddy, dry, hilly and punchy so my Obsess is perfect for all the accelerations needed and to cope with all conditions that might arise. To be at one with the bike is truly one of the best things you can ask for as an athlete. It needs to be an extension of you so that you don’t have to even think about it, you can focus on gratitude, staying in the moment and committing 100 percent to the effort and attitude.

So this Sunday, have me in your thoughts and I’ll harness all that positive energy and make it happen!”

26 October 2018