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Intrigue Advanced 0 Highlighted in the Bible of Bike Tests!


Bike Magazine selected the Liv Intrigue Advanced 0 as a top contender for the 27.5-inch short-travel category in their 10th-anniversary edition of the Bible of Bike Tests Buyer’s Guide. But once hopping aboard the all-new 2019 frame, testers quickly realized Intrigue Advanced defied categorization; the “Goldilocks” of trail bikes.

Occupying that “just right” feeling between long and short travel is no easy task, but according to Bike’s testers, the 140/150mm Intrigue Advanced 0 offered up great traction on ledgy ups and solid pedalibility on long uphill grinds, all while creating flow on even the chunkiest descents. And in this year’s testing ground of Southwest Utah, there was no shortage of diverse terrain – from flowy singletrack to punishing rock ledges, Intrigue Advanced 0 scored high marks on every challenge.

While impressed by the bike’s ability to ascend, Bike tester and contributor Lydia Tanner affirms that the testing crew (including Kristin Butcher and Nicole Formosa) most appreciated Intrigue’s penchant towards thundering downhill. She writes: “The Maestro suspension platform and fancy DVO squishy bits created a frictionless, quiet-feeling ride through the most hectic terrain, and stayed composed in slower, chunkier sections. The bike was so balanced that small natural doubles required almost no body English to float over.”

The highest-spec of the Intrigue Advanced lineup, the Bike round table highlighted Liv’s highly specialized tuning collaboration with DVO suspension as a clear win for the rider looking for near-infinite adjustability.

“Overall the Intrigue felt stable without feeling sleepy; supple without feeling sluggish. The geometry put your weight where it needed to be, and the suspension spec was a nice change of pace,” wrote Tanner.

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10 January 2019