Liv’s Bike Fit and Size Guide

Take the first step to finding your dream bike. It doesn’t matter if you are competing at the highest level or commuting to work, superior fit is all-important and choosing the right bike size is the first step to getting your perfect ride.

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For specific bike models, check out Liv bikes in your region here. Sizing should be used as a reference only. The best way to determine your correct size is to head into your local authorized Liv dealer. Available sizes may vary from country to country.


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Athlete Testimonials: What Bike Size do the Pros Ride?

Our athletes ride Liv bikes in competition, during training, and for fun. It’s their feedback after rounds of prototypes and testing that inspires the final fit adjustments to make the best bikes for female bodies. While putting Liv bikes through the paces, our athletes have the opportunity to dial in their fit and make sure they are on the right size bike. Because, when it comes down to it, it's not just your height that plays a role in what size bike you will choose. Every rider has her own unique anatomy, riding style, and personal preferences. So, we've asked Liv athletes and ambassadors to share their information to help you make a more informed decision when choosing the bike size you will ride.

Still, nothing compares to jumping on a bike and taking it for a test ride before your purchase. That's why we recommend visiting your local bike shop or trying a bike at a Liv bike demo event near you.  After any bike purchase, a professional fit is always highly recommended.

Lesley Paterson

Professional Off-road Triathlete

Height: 5ft 3in OR 160 cm

Inseam: 25in OR 63.5 cm

Bike Size: X-Small

Bikes I Ride: Obsess Advanced, Pique Advanced, Envie Advanced

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

Other than changing my saddle out, I didn't need to change anything which was my first time EVER!

Why I Love My Bike

Because it is light and nimble and VERY responsive. It just feels like it’s a part of me rather than something I’m having to try and move around!

Rae Morrison

Professional Enduro Athlete, Giant Factory Off-Road Team

Height: 5ft 7in OR 170 cm

Inseam: 31.5in OR 80 cm

Bike Size: Medium

Bikes I Ride: Hail Advanced, Envie Advanced, Pique Advanced

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

I adjusted a few things on the Hail to best fit my personal preferences. I run a shorter stem 35mm, bars are cut to 750mm, the cranks I run are 170mm, and I swapped to a larger 170mm fork.  The seat I run is stock, the Liv contact SL saddle. I like this flatter saddle to allow me to scoot forwards and back during climbs and flat ground pedaling.

Why I Love My Bike

I love my bikes for the adventure and thrills they take me on. I love the confidence and speed it inspires in me. The Hail is a mini DH bike that can pedal so there is no track out of its depth and can make you feel very secure and confident as well as push your riding beyond what you would expect.

Serena Bishop Gordon

Professional Cyclocross and XC MTB Athlete, Liv Factory Off-Road Team

Height: 5ft 5in OR 165 cm

Inseam: 30in OR 76 cm

Bike Size: Small (MTB), X-Small (Road)

Bikes I Ride: Pique Advanced, Envie Advanced, Brava

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

I made a few minor changes after getting a professional fit on my bike, including:

Stem length - Pique: 80mm. Envie + Brava: 90mm

Bar width: Pique: 730mm Envie Brava: 420mm

Crank Length: 170mm - all bikes

Saddle - LIV SLR Forward - All bikes

Why I Love My Bike

Because: FIT! Most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. When you ride a bike that fits, you forget about the bike, it is just an extension of your body, working with you to move you forward.

Allysa Seely

Professional Paratriathlete

Height: 5ft 4in OR 162.5 cm

Inseam: 30.7in OR 78 cm

Bike Size: XS

Bikes I Ride: Envie Advanced Pro, Avow Advanced Pro, Pique Advanced

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

I changed the saddle on my Avow to the Liv contact SLR forward.

Why I Love My Bike

I love that my bikes are easy to handle and turn on a dime.

Shirin Gerami

Professional Triathlete

Height: 5ft 8in OR 173 cm

Inseam: 32.6in OR 83 cm

Bike Size: Medium

Bikes I Ride: Envie Advanced Pro, Avow Advanced Pro

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

Changed the saddle, the water bottling system, and the aero bars on my Avow to the ones that turn upwards.

Why I Love My Bike

It gives me wings.

Leonie Picton

Professional Enduro Athlete

Height: 5ft 7in OR 170 cm

Inseam: 31.5in OR 80 cm

Bike Size: Medium

Bikes I Ride: Hail Advanced 0

Bike Fit Adjustments I Made

Longer dropper post, different saddle, and thicker grips. Last year I upgraded the rotor sizes but this year the bike came stock with 200 mm rotors in the front and 180 mm rotors in the rear, which is great! I also love that the Hail comes with 800 mm bars as well.

Why I Love My Bike

A bike is like your best friend. Bikes inspire you to be creative and adventurous. They teach you discipline and build strength (mentally and physically). They take you places far beyond what you thought possible. You experience the thrill of achieving goals and the disappointment of setbacks. My bike is my life.