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Tessa Neefjes Sprints to Victory at the UCI Gravel World Series in Germany!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Tessa Neefjes wins in the final seconds after a sprint finish at the UCI Gravel World Series in Aachen, Germany.

This past weekend, Tessa Neefjes headed to Aachen, Germany, to claim a victory at the 3RIDES Gravel Race - the latest stop of the UCI Gravel World Series. The demanding 136-kilometer race delivered 2,100 meters of climbing and attracted a strong roster of athletes from around the globe.

Neefjes was excited to see where she stacked up among the other athletes in the variable conditions. "I was curious to see how I would finish in a super strong starting field of gravel and road stars, but I didn't expect a win." She continues, "The conditions were muddy but fast, like a road criterium with some cyclo-cross!

The course was much to Neefjes' skillset and speed as she held a strong position from the start. The Liv Racing Collective athlete was in second place with a 55 seconds gap; in the final lap, with 100 meters to go, she broke into a powerful sprint and passed the leader just in time to take the win.

"I was behind the leader in the last lap, I made an all-or-nothing attempt and rode myself completely empty to overtake. There was a tricky gravel curve before the finish - I took a risk to pass the leader and won," said Neefjes. "When it looks impossible, and you still win, those are the greatest victories!"

Continue to follow Tessa Neefjes as she heads to the USA for the Rule of 3 and Unbound Gravel.