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E-bikes open up new cycling experiences for you. Whether you dream to keep up with a faster crowd, pedal your way into town, explore more miles of trails, or return to cycling after an injury, Liv E-bikes are there to take you for the ride.

Liv electric bicycles use pedal assist technologies that magnify your pedaling force so you can easily zoom up hills, and go distances you’ve only dreamed about, all while maintaining a smile on your face!  It’s a feeling you’ve got to discover firsthand. We call it the “E-bike face” and it’s pure fun and enjoyment.


Read these reviews about Liv E-Bikes

"The Intrigue E+ has been my best friend while sticking close to home during the COVID pandemic. It has made my home trails 1000x more fun. I'm constantly finding lines I've never ridden before and getting in more miles on my weekday rides. This bike is surprisingly playful, fun to jump, and has endless traction. I love my E-bike!"

— Caroline from Mooresville, NC on the Intrigue E+ 2 Pro

"This bike is the epitome of the word "FUN!" Easy to hop on, run errands, visit a friend, commute to work, or head out on a 20-mile scenic ride. I live on the top of two hills which I used to slog up on when riding my road bike (and, true confession, sometimes I walked!); now I look forward to arriving at those hills that I speed up nicely, thanks to this bike. If you've been wavering about getting an e-bike, hesitate no longer; take the plunge (push "buy!"), get outside, and have fun!"

— OjaiMirk from Ojai, CA on the Thrive E+ EX Pro


"I love my LIV bike most especially being able to enjoy riding hills with my husband. I own a LIV Avail road bike and prior road riding almost exhausted all my energy at the end of the ride. This bike has taken me to more enjoyable hill climbs that i could only imagine. The longest I've ridden is about 63 miles with average 3500 feet of climbing. A ride to White Mountain Road from Big Pine, CA was the highest elevation, over 6000 ft for 20 miles pretty much used up my battery power. Had 9% left on top and luckily 99% of the return was downhill. I also carried most of our extra gears and water during our cycling adventures. I am also the official photographer during our rides and i truly enjoy cycling more than ever. I highly recommend this bike made specifically for petite women like me. I am 5'2 and bought XS size."

— Jewel from Bishop, CA on the Amiti E+ 4


"My fiance surprised me with a 2020 Liv E 1 Intrigue Pro from The Path Bike Shop in Tustin, CA. It literally changed my riding life overnight, transforming my mountain bike rides from frustating to fantastic. I started riding 2 years ago. After using a loaner bike for a few months, I bought my own (non-electric) mountain bike. I love getting out in nature, and living in Southern California offers plenty. No matter where I rode though, I struggled with climbing. Despite being fit from regular HIIT classes and spin sessions, I could not get comfortable slogging up hills. Instead of enjoying the scenery and activity, I'd be riding with my head down wondering if/when this part would get easier. As a newcomer to the sport, I didn't have set expectations about the mountain bike experience. But I imagined enjoying some of the epic trail rides I'd heard and read about. Before the Intrigue E came along, I'd pretty much ruled out the idea of being able to enjoy a long ride with big climbs. Then the game-changer rolled into my life. No more limitations on elevation gain. No climb is out of reach, and I can adjust the assist level to make any climb as much or as little of a sufferfest as I desire. I've completed long distance rides I would never have otherwise experienced. On extended climbs, I can lift my head and take in the beautiful mountain surroundings. I can match my speed to my companions, or go at my own pace. And we all know what come after uphills: downhills! Not being gassed at the top of a downhill trail makes all the difference in confidence and fun. That's the experience...and this is the bike that's my companion. It is quiet, beautiful, plush and powerful. It works with me and for me as needed on any given ride. And it's stable and confidence inspiring on downhills and in corners. You could say it's elevated my riding in every way!"

— Diana from Orange, CA on the Intrigue E+ 1 Pro