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It is Time to Try A Tri: Meet Tricia

Why I Tri: Tricia's Story

Why I Ride

Doing a triathlon was always one of those ideas that sounded just crazy enough that it could be fun. The background for all three sports was there for me. I’ve been a runner for the majority of my life—getting my start with cross-country in middle school and eventually working my way up to marathons later. In high school, I was on the swim team. Biking has always been a fun past time and I really found my jam mountain biking. But, when I thought about putting them all together, there was always an excuse: 

The timing wasn’t right.

I didn’t have time to train.

There weren’t any races close to me.

I didn’t have the right equipment. 

The list went on and on. That’s the thing about the stories we create, they are just stories. You’ve got to write what you want out of life, not what’s holding you back. 

My “Ah Ha” moment came when I was working on my visions and goals. I’ve always had “goals” for myself, none of which I really wrote down on paper. They were always thoughts and brief notions, “that would be cool to do one day” or “that would be nice to have”. As an Ambassador with Lululemon, goal setting and goal crushing is something to be taken seriously. I was able to get very clear on how to create my life. You see, it’s not just about writing your goals, it’s about envisioning your life—what is it that you want to create? From there I came up with a plan of action: what do I need to do 1, 5 and 10 years from now to get what I wanted out of life? Completing a triathlon was on that list. 

There really is no time like the present. I live in the most beautiful place to train and am fortunate enough to have a tribe who are also passionate about triathlons. Who better to learn from than some of my best friends?! Training with friends is the way to go. Being supported by people who only want to see you succeed and can challenge you is the highest form of community we can create. Doing something new can be scary, but what is fear? It is just excitement without taking the time to breathe.   

Why I Tri

I can’t wait to share my Tri journey: the ups, downs and everything in-between. I commit to sharing my journey authentically in hopes of helping all the newbies out there. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!