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How to Carry a Yoga Mat on a Bike

Three Ways to Carry a Yoga Mat on Your Bike

Logistically, riding your bike to the yoga studio may seem like a difficult task. But once you get your routine down and figure out the best way to carry your yoga mat on your bike, riding to class will become an effortless routine.

Don’t forget the essentials:

Use a Bike Rack

If you have a bike rack, carrying yoga necessities is a breeze. Just grab a bungie cord and strap it on!

Yoga Mat on a Bike Rack


Helpful Tip: When attaching anything to a bike rack using a bungie cord, the best method is to form an "X" with the bungie on the object to ensure your gear is secure. 

Yoga Mat on a Bike Rack

Grab a Yoga Bag

Side-shoulder yoga mat bags are efficient, comfortable and totally safe to use on a bike.

Yoga Mat Bag


Yoga Mat Bag Storage

Be Crafty!

I’ve been known to strap all sorts of things to my bike, from beach towels to growlers! The cool thing about a yoga mat is that it rolls up and can fit right under your seat! What type of saddle you have will determine what kind of strap you will want to use. So yeah, you can strap your yoga mat on with anything… like a yoga strap! Just make sure it is good and secure before you roll down the street.

Yoga Mat Bike Strap


Yoga Style Guide

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