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4 Reasons to Tri: Meet Bridie

Why I Tri: Bridie’s Story

I am a wife, mother of two, triathlete, runner and for my profession I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I genuinely love all that I do.

So with that on my plate, why do I still “TRI” so hard? Sometimes when posed with that question, one has to take a moment and think, yeah why?!?

So here you all go! The Four Main Reasons I "Tri" so Friggen Hard:

1) Because I'm basically a big kid.

Occasionally in my pediatric practice I have parents say to me, "he's not walking yet, thank god, it's going to be so hard when he is!" And I understand this sentiment, I really do, but my experience with my own children was different. Always, before the next big developmental milestone was angst, angst to go and do exactly that thing that they could not do yet. The moment my children completed those milestones to crawl, walk and run were the moments when freedom came. Freedom to go, freedom to move, freedom to go forth and find the next adventure. It was the inability to go that made them cranky and irritable, but the ability to move that set them free. In this way, I am still very much a child.

Why I Tri

2) Because anyone CAN do it, but not everyone does!

At this point, triathlon seems so second nature to me, so normal, so part of who I am. I was a bit shocked by the horror on the faces of my parent friends when I explained my next extreme sport adventure: the ÖtillÖ Swimrun, a race across (and between) islands. I genuinely couldn't believe it didn't sound great to them too, even when I told them it ended with a lobster bake. But then I realized that was precisely the beauty of it. With hard work and dedication the world of triathlons is absolutely open to all, but not everyone wants that particular challenge. Even in its wonderful popularity and growing female influence, triathlon remains a unique challenge that thrills me and makes me feel happy and alive.

3) Because Moving is my Meditation.

I never run with music. My favorite running sound is my own burning breath. My mind ponders and wanders but it always comes back… it is mine after all. I convert the heavy mind and the heavy heart into a bag of waste and I heave it to the curb, happily at the transformation of levity, like it’s suddenly full of packing peanuts.

I used to say—although I no longer believe this to be true—that I was better suited for physical pain over emotional pain. I was up for any kind of physical challenge and believed I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. But I now know that my mind's motivation is what moves me and what moves me also frees my mind.

Why I Tri

4) Because it also allows me to EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY in a cute pair of jeans.

I would be very remiss if I didn't absolutely admit that eating delicious food (especially because my wife has evolved into a wonderful cook and because we love to go out to yummy foodie Brooklyn meals) didn't play a kind of HUGE part in this whole “Tri” thing. Food motivates many and it definitely motivates me! Same goes for drinking. I still always try to function in a state of moderation and balance. But those who know me know, nothing motivates me more than a cold beer heading down Ocean Parkway in the final stretch of the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Being merry is the clincher though. None of it would be worth it, if the darn sport wasn't so much fun. I mean, three sports in ONE? How bonus is that?

AND THAT is why I TRI.  

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