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The reviews are in, the votes are tallied, and this year Liv is excited to have three bikes on the prestigious Bicycling Magazine Editors' Choice list. These three bikes represent a great cross section of what Liv is all about, from the new technologies in our Amiti E+ 2, to the off-road awesomeness of the Pique Advanced 0. 

“The Pique Advanced 0 is equipped to take on burly trails and enduro racing, yet still able to carry a rider to an XC podium.” - Pique Advanced 0

“It has a combination of features and components that make it as capable on smooth, hilly commutes as it is on gravel bike paths and rail trails.” - Amiti E+ 2

“The bike didn’t hold us back from aggressive riding and hot cornering, and it responded surely and quickly to the tiny directional hip twitches that make all the difference when rides are at their most intense.” - Langma Advanced Disc