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Rebecca Rusch

For Rebecca, Be Good, are more than just words they have become the mantra and mission of her life - her endless pursuit of podiums at endurance events aorund the world, or her own curiosity to see what is over the next mountain pass Rebecca strives to break boundaries, blaze new trails, and bring more women into cycling. With her team she's launched Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a premier gravel event that celebrates people, purpose and place and raises funds to provide exceptional work with the Be Good Foundation.

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Heather Munive

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't easy, but for Heather that's half the fun. Cycling has since grown into her greatest passion, and pathway to happiness. Inspired by the magesty of beautiful mountains, and fueled by the challenge of fierce terrain, Heather brings youthful energy and a sense of wonder to mountain biking - with the message that it's never too late to start something new.

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Caroline Washam

Caroline is a professional downhill mountain bike racer, but the love for racing runs deep and she can often be found riding enduro, e-MTB, XC classes as well. Not one to conform, she wowed many by displaying her riding skills during her pregnancy! Riding and racing have been part of Caroline's makeup since here formative years on the BMX track, and cycling as whole has been a enriching influence through her life. We are proud to have Caroline representing Liv Cycling.

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Leslie Zimmerman

Leslie is a veteran, and after serving in Iraq as a combat medic she struggled with a PTSD diagnosis, but found peace in mountain biking. This profound connection with the bike is what has driven Leslie to bring the excitement and inclusivity to young people, she coaches a local highschool mountain biking team, and is both the creator and director of a free kids mountain bike club covering young athletes from kindergarten up to 8th grade as well. For Leslie, bikes give a sense of purpose, and connection in life -- from single track to road, and everywhere in between.

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Janel Spilker

Janel has kept her wheels firmly planted in cycling after retiring from racing, her new business is focused on training camps and coaching athletes of all levels. Janel took retirement from the road as an opportunity to spend more time having fun off-road and scooped up a 3rd place at UNBOUND Gravel 200 and won Crusher in the Tushar in the process. Working closely with Liv Cycling, as well as organizations such as the Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Janel has stayed involved with the cycling community at road, gravel, MTB and CX events; as well as race commentary at UNBOUND Gravel, Sea Otter Classic, and the Colorado Classic.

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Alanna Hayes

Issaquah sits just off Lake Sammamish near Seattle, and it's where Alanna calls home - as an enthusiastic young adventurer she often finds herself out exploring the gorgeous singletrack around Washington with her dog Hudson. With her with focus on progression, and inclusivity in women's cycling, Alanna is always bringing the excitement of mountain biking to new audiences - when she's not out riding she works at a bike and ski shop!

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