Build your dream bike with the EnviLiv Advanced SL—the first ever SL-Grade composite frameset for EnviLiv. Our signature sprinter has been redesigned for optimized aerodynamic performance, and painted in the colors of Liv Racing TeqFind. From the stage race breakaway to the final criterium lap, the all-new EnviLiv is made to be out front.

Ключові Фактори Ефективності


In our pursuit of maximum power and efficiency, we analyze how bike and rider experience airflow at every speed and direction, both on the computer and in the wind tunnel. Then we examine every detail for opportunities to optimize. The latest version of our AeroSystem Shaping Technology results in improved aerodynamics over previous generations.


Aerodynamics are affected by many factors, two of them often seen as mutually exclusive: stiffness and weight. But the new EnviLiv has found the sweetest spot, with an Advanced SL-grade composite frameset—the first ever for EnviLiv. We use Continuous Fiber Technology to add strength without adding weight, Carbon Nanotube Technology resin to improve impact resistance, and Fusion Process for lighter, stronger frame junctions. So you can accelerate faster away from the pack.


When every second matters, so does every detail. Two aerodynamic water bottle cages flawlessly integrate with the seat tube and down tube, for reduced drag and a sleek look.



EnviLiv Advanced SL with interactive tooltips


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Технологія AeroSystem Shaping
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