Cycling Tips Launches Why It Matters Campaign

19 лютого 2020 р.

Liv launched the WHY IT MATTERS campaign on Monday, February 17, to assist in growth and awareness of women’s cycling coverage.

Stories matter. Coverage matters. Normalising women in sport matters.

The online publication Cycling Tips has launched a campaign with the goal to create awareness and a conversation around why coverage and support of women's cycling is so important for the sport, industry, and society.

Cycling Tips noted that the best place to start is by asking a simple question: "Why Does It Matter?"

From there, they reached out to some of the most influential and successful riders in the pro peloton, to commentators, to brands, community leaders, and to CyclingTips readers to understand why they think that increasing the coverage of women in cycling matters. Though the reasons for supporting the growth and awareness of women's cycling coverage varies, there are a few simple things fans can do to help support the initiative, including:

1. Sharing, supporting, and engaging with content posted by and featuring female cyclists

2. Supporting brands that invest in women's cycling.

3. Becomging a fan and following female cyclists on social media.

You can find more information on how to join the Why It Matters movement at
And, you can join in the converstation at social by tagging #whyitmatters #womenscyclingmatters

About Cycling Tips
Founded in 2008, Cycling Tips is an online publication that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to have the same passion for the sport as we have. Cycling Tips is currently staffed in 5 countries (USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and France), have a network of contributors in 36 different countries, and has their ear to the ground in all major markets across the globe.


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