Crystal Anthony Podiums at Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City!

19 жовтня 2020 р.

Команди та Гонщики

The first big gravel race in the United States since April took place over the weekend in Cedar City, Utah. The Belgian Waffle Ride is a well-established gravel event in San Diego, California, and the inaugural Cedar City race attracted a deep roster of pro athletes from a wide variety of disciplines. Liv Racing athletes Crystal Anthony and Kaysee Armstrong traveled out for the race, competing aboard the Devote Advanced gravel bike.

Saturday’s Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City was Crystal Anthony’s first major gravel race and Kaysee Armstrong’s first in-person race since the TransAndes Challenge in January. The Liv Racing athletes faced 125 miles of mostly gravel roads with some technical singletrack sections thrown in. The course climbed about 6,000 feet at an average altitude of 5,800 feet and twisted through the desert near Zion National Park.

A hectic four-mile “neutral” start led to a few crashes right off the bat. Both Anthony and Armstrong avoided getting caught up in the early crashes, but the commotion split the Liv Racing riders into different groups. Anthony made her way into a large lead group, where she road for the first 20 miles.

“We traversed all kinds of terrain: rolling gravel roads, double track, and long sand sections reminiscent of cyclocross,” said Anthony. “I managed to hold together through the final four miles of single track to the finish for third place. It was a great day; I felt I could push myself and suffered no mechanicals.”

Armstrong finished the day in sixth. Both athletes raced aboard the new Devote Advanced gravel bike. Anthony raced to her podium finish on CADEX wheels.


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