Meet Lisa

Lisa Tertsch has quickly become a standout name in the triathlon world, in 2019 she was named the "European Female Triathlete of the Year '' at the age of 21 - a testament to her pursuit of excellence in the sport she loves. Lisa's career in triathlon racing began naturally, evolving from a background in swimming and running. Her passion for competition has always driven her, making the transition to the world stage seem almost inevitable. From Olympic qualifications to post-race burger celebrations, Lisa's journey is both inspiring and relatable. Dive into our interview to learn more about her triumphs, mental strategies, and love for her EnviLiv Advanced Pro.

Liv: How did you get into Triathlon racing, and how did you feel when you first realized you wanted to compete at a competitive level?

Lisa: It happened pretty naturally, I was swimming first, then was successful at running, and then only the bike was missing for triathlon. I have always done competitions and racing for as long as I've been involved in sports, so at that point it was not even a conscious decision, but more about keeping going with what I knew.

Liv: Who inspired you when you were young? And who inspires you now?

Lisa: Anyone who is excellent at something and balanced at the same time. I don’t have any specific people who inspire me, but I listen a lot to what other people at the top say, do, and think, and then take the parts that I find valuable.

Liv: Could you share a memorable race experience that has had a significant impact on your journey so far?

Lisa: Qualifying for the Olympics, it showed me that I can really achieve what I am trying to do, I just need to be patient.

Liv: Mental strength is crucial in endurance sports like triathlon, how do you prepare yourself mentally for the pressure and challenges of competing at the highest level?

Lisa: Similarly to how I prepare my body - I do some challenging workouts that require focus and good decision-making, and then take a lot of relaxation and rest to recover from it.

Liv: Can you describe a particularly challenging moment in your journey, and how did you overcome it?

Lisa: I was not enjoying the daily process of training anymore at some point, that was really challenging for me because I always drew my strength and motivation from enjoying the process. I took a break from sport, tried some other things, and assessed why I wanted to do the sport and once I found a good way for myself, I came back to it.

Liv: At the age of 21 you were named "European Female Triathlete of the Year" in 2019, what advice would you give aspiring athletes, especially young girls, about pursuing their dreams in sports?

Lisa: I would tell them to listen to their own body and mind, to find a path and system within the sport that feels good for them.

Liv: How do you celebrate or unwind after a race, regardless of the result?

Lisa: I usually go out to eat a burger and ice cream first and then take a long walk to reflect and unwind and get some brain space.

Liv: How do you enjoy spending your free time when you are not racing or training?

Lisa: I can either be learning about human behavior or doing something creative, like drawing or crocheting.

Liv: What's the most unusual or interesting thing you've ever eaten while traveling?

Lisa: I usually intentionally try to stick to foods that I know and I'm used to when traveling.

Liv: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Lisa: I do a lot of creative stuff, like sewing, drawing, baking, and cooking. I like to do stuff with my hands, where you have a tangible result in the end.

Liv: Are you a coffee or tea person?

Lisa: I am a coffee person in the morning and a tea person in the evening.

Liv: What do you love most about cycling?

Lisa: I love the feeling of freedom it provides me. You can get to so many different places with the power of your own body.

Liv: What do you love most about your EnviLiv Advanced Pro?

Lisa: I love how the EnviLiv makes me feel when I ride. I feel fast and safe at the same time, and the safer I feel with my bike, the more risks I am willing to take in a race.