How to Install the EnergyPak Plus E-bike Range Extender

Looking to power longer rides, charge up more mountains, or keep your E-bike motor running through the city and beyond? The EnergyPak Plus range extender is a lightweight and compact backup battery that attaches to your E-bike so you can worry less about running out of battery on epic rides. With 250Whr of additional capacity, the EnergyPak Plus boosts your range by 40 percent for bikes with the standard EngergyPak Smart 625Whr battery.

installing EnergyPak Plus E-bike Range Extender

Ready to install your own EnergyPak Plus range extender? Learn how with our step-by-step guide below.

  1. Remove your existing E-bike battery. Using your E-bike battery key or T25 torx wrench, loosen and remove your battery.
  2. Remove the rubber plugs from the EnergyPak Plus mounting holes. Located on the downtube, simply pop the rubber plugs out and save them for later!
  3. Install the mounting plate for the EnergyPak Plus. Place the bracket on the downtube, lining up the bolt holes with the holes in the frame. Secure using a 10mm box wrench and 5mm allen wrench.
  4. Slide the EnergyPak Plus in place. Check connection to make sure the EnergyPak is secure.
  5. Secure the retaining lever. Locate the retaining lever on the EnergyPak and tighten with a T25 torx wrench.
  6. Re-attach your existing battery.
  7. Attach the cable from the EnergyPak Plus to the charge port. The cord from the EnergyPak Plus plugs right into the location where you usually charge your E-bike.
  8. Secure the cable with the provided strap. To reduce noise and risk of the EnergyPak Plus cord snagging anything during your ride, wrap the strap around the cord and the downtube to secure.
  9. Go Ride!
removing EnergyPak Plus range extender

To remove your EnergyPak Plus, follow the steps below.

  1. Unplug the EnergyPak Plus cable from the charge port.
  2. Pull the lock lever. Loosen the bolt with a T25 torx wrench and pull the lock lever out.
  3. Slide the EnergyPak Plus off the mounting plate.

To charge the EnergyPak Plus, connect the battery to the smart charger that came with your E-bike, via the included adapter cable. Using the smart charger, the EnergyPak Plus can be charged to 80 percent in only two hours!

That’s it, now you’re ready to ride longer and have more fun or get more done on your Liv E-bike.