Bike Helmet Technologies

No matter where your cycling journey takes you, your helmet is your most important accessory. Our helmets are built on thoughtful designs and ride-specific technologies to keep you cool, comfortable and secure. Learn more about our helmet-specific technologies below!


Multi-directional Impact Protection System (Mips™) is a revolutionary patented brain protection system. Mips™ adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet that provides added protection with respect to angled impacts.

Mips Air Node™

Mips Air Node™ is a super light and slim helmet security system that moves 10-15 mm in relation to the helmet’s energy-absorbing layer, reducing the rotational forces that are otherwise transmitted to the brain during impact. Fully integrated into the helmet’s padding, Mips Air Node™ is as light as possible and designed to fit each individual helmet model and size, making it virtually invisible until needed.

Magnetic Fidlock®

Magnetic Fidlock® helmet buckles are intuitive, pinch-free and can be opened or closed with one hand, even while wearing gloves.

Cinch Fit System

Cinch ONE™ System: The Cinch ONE™ fit system is featured on our Path, Relay, and Kids’ helmets. The intuitive one-handed dial adjustment and 360-degree full-surround retention system gives a secure, comfortable fit.

Cinch Pro™ System: Together with MIPS, Liv's CINCH Pro™ fit system allows us to provide our most secure fit with the highest level of stability and comfort, featured in the Liv Rev Pro. Integrating CINCH Pro™ and MIPS enabled us to create the incredible ventilation and cooling system. The six-position height adjustment allows even greater distribution of pressure around the rider's head for superior comfort.

Ponytail Friendly Helmet Design

Liv helmets offer a women’s-specific design that’ll banish helmet-induced bad hair days for good. Ponytail friendly helmets allow for a super secure and comfortable fit, regardless of your hairstyle. Simply pull your luscious locks through the hairport in the CINCH fit system, snug the adjuster, and you’re off. Our hairport fit system works for all hair types and for all occasions, so you can race, tour, commute, or even meet up with friends without splitting hairs over what’s going on with your ‘do.


A special blend of thin, lightweight and tough woven material creates uncompromising strength and toughness. Our helmets feature antimicrobial helmet straps to fight odors and locking cam buckles to keep the webbing anchored securely.

Element Strap System™ (ESS)

ESS combines our light, micro-adjustable Cinch fit system with TriGlide positioning dividers and LiteForm webbing, resulting in a single-purpose fit and retention system with a secure, comfortable fit right out of the box.

TransTextura Plus™ Padding

Our helmets use TransTextura Plus™ technology in the pads that line each performance helmet. The antimicrobial pads resist odor-causing bacteria while wicking moisture away from your head to keep you comfortable and cool.