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Дата народження: 9 грудня 2001 | Живе у: Сен-Рафаель, Франція | Місце народження: Шамбері, Франція

Де Ви найбільше полюбляєте їздити?

В горах

Яка Ваша спеціалізація у команді/яка основна дисципліна велоспорту, у якій Ви виступаєте?


Які Ваші кращі результати та/або досягнення у велосипедній кар’єрі?

  • 3-тє місце у загальній класифікації WTCS 2023
  • Чемпіонка світу рейтингу U23 у 2021 році

Liv: How do you maintain a balance between rigorous training schedules and other aspects of your life, social life, and family?

Emma: It’s not easy to find the right balance but it’s important to sometimes have a bit of a break with eating, training, and sleeping, and do some other activities or just go out for a coffee with friends.

Liv: Could you share a memorable race experience that has had a significant impact on your journey as an athlete?

Emma: I think the WTCS Yokohama in 2022 had a huge impact on the rest of my 2022 season and the journey I've had so far. It was my first one and the fact that it went well opened some new doors for me, with my result I qualified for the 2022 European championship in Munich - where I finished third in the individual race and was part of the team that won the mixed relay and also allowed for the grand finals in Abu Dhabi later that year.

Liv: Can you describe a particularly challenging moment in your journey, and how did you overcome it?

Emma: I had a rough winter in 2023 with a lot of small injuries, my body wasn’t entirely rested from the 2022 season (which ended really late) so I had to be patient and trust the process, things slowly went back to normal and I was ready to train again.

Який Ваш улюблений велосипед Liv?

EnviLiv advanced SL

Як Ви потрапив у велоспорт?

Через триатлон

Моє життєве кредо...

Повага, робота, чесна гра

Liv: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Emma: I can belly dance and I can sing underwater during my swim session!

Liv: What is your favorite riding snack?

Emma: At the moment I’d say the bars from the brand Torq.

Liv: What do you love most about cycling?

Emma: Discovering new landscapes and how fast you can go!

Liv: What do you love most about your EnviLiv Advanced Pro?

Emma: It’s light and I can do anything with it, it’s very reactive and I can really push with it.