Meet the All-New Embolden E+

Feel the rush on the Embolden E+. A full-suspension electric mountain bike designed to help you shred demanding trails, breeze the climbs and conquer obstacles with confidence. Nothing is off-limits now.

Capable and fun

The high-performing Embolden E+ Pro provides an exhilarating ride. It has a maximum range of 290km (that’s 100⎼150km more than other bikes in the Embolden E+ range), loads of travel (140mm front, 125mm rear), and a powerful motor (85Nm of torque). Epic mountain biking, trekking, and touring adventures are now well within your capabilities.

* Embolden E+ has a maximum range of 180km and a potent motor (75Nm of torque).

Versatile for multi-usage

The Embolden E+ is your new secret weapon. With its 140mm front/125mm rear suspension, integrated kickstand, fender mounts, and carrier compatibility, this E-bike is ready to tackle challenging technical trails and tick off your bucket list of touring and trekking adventures.

Premium, integrated design

This E-bike brings head-turning wow factor to the trails thanks to its internally routed cables, smooth and simple frame lines, and attractive color and graphics. Additionally, the lower standover height makes it easy to get on and off.

Meet Lucy

Lucy Paltz is a journalist, snowboarder, and mountain biker. Lucy’s passion for the outdoors has led her to become an advocate for the development of women’s sport. She rides the Embolden E+ to explore more terrain in less time - it’s perfect for exploring the wildest parts of the mountains.

Meet Lucy

Tips for Riding an E-bike in the Rain

Can you ride an E-bike in the rain? The answer is YES! Riding in wet conditions and washing your E-bike is totally safe. However, there are some major “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to riding in the rain or after the rain – especially when riding on mountain bike trails.

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