How to Make Resolutions Stick in the New Year

Five Steps for Setting and Keeping New Year Resolutions

with ALLYSA SEELY, professional Paratriathlete

Every 365 days new resolutions are made and a few days later they seem to fall by the wayside. It isn’t always easy to form new habits, but it is always possible. This year, reframe your process and make your resolutions last.

  1. Set your goals.

Write them down somewhere they are frequently visible. I like to keep them on a whiteboard in my office and a reminder on the refrigerator in the form of a picture or a magnet.

  1. Add a deadline.

I think this is the most important part of the goal setting process because it shows that you are serious about accomplishing these goals. You now have a time frame making it harder to sweep under the rug by saying, “I’ll get to it tomorrow, next week or next month.”

  1. Create a plan.

A big goal can be overwhelming and thus easier to neglect. Craft smaller daily or weekly tasks that build toward your pie in the sky goal and turn your focus to these. They are much more manageable; therefore, not as overwhelming.

  1. Reflect and Revise.

Now is the time to reflect on the plan you created. Are you accomplishing your tasks with ease? Is it more difficult than you originally thought? Make these reflections frequently, but if you have stalled don’t get discouraged. Instead, use your reflections to understand why you have come to an impasse and revise your plan.

  1. Always strive for more and continue to set new goals.

What are some of my goals for the new year? Here are a few:

  • Build strength to increase FTP by 8%.
  • Put as much emphasis on nutrition and recovery as I do on training.

  • Learn a new skill… what new skill? I don’t know yet and am open to suggestions.

  • Grow the scholarship for girls I started last year

  • Paralympic GOLD!