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Advanced 2



From the stage race breakaway to the final criterium lap, the all-new EnviLiv is made to be out front. We’ve redesigned our signature sprinter for optimized aerodynamic performance, greater stiffness-to-weight advantage, and maximum trophies.


Optimized Aerodynamics

In our pursuit of maximum power and efficiency, we analyze how the bike and rider experience airflow at every speed and direction, both on the computer and in the wind tunnel. The new EnviLiv features truncated ellipse airfoil tube shapes and an all-new C

Sprinting Efficiency

Aerodynamics are affected by many factors, two of them often seen as mutually exclusive stiffness and weight. But the EnviLiv has found the sweet spot, with a new Advanced-grade composite frame and fork—resulting in 292 grams of weight savings over the pr

Seamless Integration

When every second matters, so does every detail. So we developed a new way to route cables through the handlebar, stem, and frame, which improves aero performance, and also makes it easier to disassemble your bike for travel and maintenance. Two aerodynam


 Advanced Composite 超高性能專業競技等級碳纖技術
Power Core 整合式加大五通設計
RideSense 孔位配置
Tubeless System 無內胎外胎系統
OverDrive Aero



Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
  • XXS
      145 cm4’9”  to 157 cm5’2”
  • XS
      152 cm5’0”  to 163 cm5’4”
  • S
      158 cm5’2”  to 169 cm5’7”
bike diagram with measurements referenced in table that follows
Selection of a button will change the units measurement displayed throughout the entire sizing guide section.
A座(立)管長 (mm) (inch)44017.347018.550019.7
B座(立)管角度 (degrees)75.0°75.0°74.5°
C上管長度 (mm) (inch)49819.65082052420.6
D頭管長度 (mm) (inch)1054.11204.71355.3
E頭管角度 (degrees)70.0°71.0°72.0°
F前叉 (mm) (inch)491.9491.9491.9
GTrail (mm) (inch)732.9662.6602.4
H前後輪距 (mm) (inch)97038.297338.397738.5
I後下叉長度 (mm) (inch)40515.940515.940515.9
J五通下降高度 (mm) (inch)722.8722.8702.8
K頭碗至五通高度 (mm) (inch)49919.651720.453220.9
L頭碗至五通長度 (mm) (inch)36414.337014.637714.8
M上管至地面高度 (mm) (inch)71928.373428.975229.6
N把手寬 (mm) (inch)36014.236014.238015
O龍頭長度 (mm) (inch)803.1803.1903.5
P曲柄長度 (mm) (inch)1656.51656.51706.7
Q輪組尺寸 700C700C700C
  • 尺寸
    XXS, XS, S,
  • 顏色
  • 車架
    Advanced-grade composite, 12x142mm thru-axle, disc
  • 前叉
    Advanced-grade composite, full-composite OverDrive 2 steerer, 12x100mm, disc
  • 避震器
  • 車把手
    Liv Contact SL Aero, 31.8mm XXS: 360mm, XS: 360mm, S: 380mm,
  • 把手帶/套
    Liv All Condition
  • 豎桿
    Giant Contact SL Aero XXS:80mm, XS:80mm, S:90mm,
  • 座桿
    Giant Vector, composite XXS: 350mm, XS: 350mm, S: 350mm,
  • 坐墊
    Liv Approach
  • 踏板
    platform pedal [GCS,GTS] N/A [all other GSC]
  • 變速把手
    Shimano 105
  • 前變速器
    Shimano 105
  • 後變速器
    Shimano 105
  • 煞車系統
    Shimano 105 hydraulic, Shimano rotors [F]160mm, [R]140mm
  • 煞車把手
    Shimano 105 hydraulic
  • 飛輪
    Shimano 105, 12-speed, 11x30
  • 鍊條
    KMC X12SL-1
  • 大齒盤
    Shimano 105, 36/52 XXS:165mm, XS:165mm, S:170mm,
  • Bottom Bracket (B B)
    Shimano, press fit
  • 輪圈
    Giant P-A2 Disc, alloy
  • 花鼓
    Giant P-A2 Disc, 12mm thru-axle
  • 輻條
  • 外胎
    Giant Gavia Course 1, 700x25c (28mm), folding, tubeless
  • 其他
    computer mount, two bottle cages, tubeless prepared, 30mm max tire size
  • 重量