RideControl Phone App

Connect your bike with your phone using our easy to use RideControl App that offers fitness tracking, ride history, navigation, notifications and even E-bike updates. The RideControl App works with RideControl Ergo, RideControl Dash remote, and and RideDash Evo display.


Customize your motor support settings to fit your taste; use the RideControl App to select from five support default modes and extra micro-assist support modes. Choose between stronger, more aggressive performance, or tune it for a more comfortable ride. The choice is right at your fingertips.


To support the world of riding possibilities that E-bikes offer, our RideControl App features new fitness functionalities giving you the opportunity to maximize your fitness gains. From making it easier to go the distance, riding for fitness, getting that extra lap in, or even entering an E-bike trail race, you can track time, distance, calories or heart rate. Enjoy all your post-ride stats when the RideControl App reveals every accomplishment.


Get lost in your thoughts, not on the route. The RideControl App navigation function offers exploration without hassle. Set an end destination and stop by that ice cream shop in the middle — the RideControl App navigation handles points of interest along the way. Your RideDash Evo screen will display the turn by turn directions, as will the RideControl App interface on the phone.


Keep up with your bustling social life and stay on top of calls, emails, and text messages while riding with your RideDash Evo screen, or by connecting the RideControl App to your mobile phone.

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