Chamois Design and Fit Guide

Not all bike shorts are created equal. Just like finding the right saddle to fit your body and riding style, finding the right chamois for you can sometimes take a little time and experimentation.

We are here to help demystify the secrets of the padded biking short aisle at your local bike shop. Discovering your ideal chamois thickness is a matter of personal preference. However, things like the location of seams, shape of the pad and moisture-wicking abilities play a big role in how those shorts will feel after you put in the miles.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when buying and wearing padded bike shorts:

  • Buy women’s-specific bike shorts, they were made specifically to fit your anatomy and, let’s be honest, that is one place we can agree we are definitely different from men!
  • Wearing a chamois on rides over 10 miles is a good idea, particularly if you are new to cycling. For bumpier rides where you’re mostly riding in the saddle and for more sensitive backsides, consider wearing bike shorts on evem shorter rides.
  • Use the right chamois for the job. For example, an ultra-thin commuter chamois is perfect for wearing under your slacks when riding to work… your race day bibs might be a bit overkill.
  • When wearing a chamois, do not use padded seat covers. Padded bike shorts are meant to be the only layer between you and your saddle, adding anything else will only make chaffing worse.
  • Along those same lines, do not wear underwear beneath your bike shorts! That’s right, you’re supposed to go commando with these shorts!
  • Still feeling the burn (in a bad way)? Grab some chamois cream.

Liv Chamois Technology

We’ve created women’s-specific chamois designs that comfortably contour your anatomy and deliver the highest standards in protection, using varied thicknesses that distribute weight more evenly and reduce pressure points on your saddle. A breathable, antibacterial top layer creates a chafe-free fit that keeps you cool and dry during tough rides.

ProComfor™ Chamios

This chamois is meant to provide supreme comfort for long distance rides. ProComfor-level chamois come in two different constructions, manufactured in facilities in Italy and China.

Race Day, Supreme, Montage, and Tropic bibs and shorts:

  • Triple-density protection
  • Bacteriostatic Carbonium fabric
  • All-way stretch fabric reduces chafing

Signature and Stealth bibs and shorts:

  • Multi-directional stretch for the perfect fit in riding position
  • 3D machine precision molding
  • Layered open cell foam for maximum comfort and breathability
  • Advanced skin protection and heat dispersion
  • Antimicrobial fabric

SportComfor™ Chamios

This chamois goes almost unnoticed, with an ultra-lightweight feel and softness that conforms to your body with freedom to move. Designed for mid-distance adventures, SportComfor comes in two different designs made in Italy and Taiwan.

Fisso and Cadence shorts:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Perineal area was designed in “sections” using higher foam thicknesses to reduce friction and eventual chafing areas as much as possible

Capitana shorts:

  • TransTextura Plus™ fabric is bacteriostatic while offering great breathability and excellent sweat absorption
  • Perforated high-density foam provides all-day comfort

CoreComfor™ Chamios

Developed to provide freedom of movement, protection and superior comfort, CoreComfor chamois are created for both mid/short distance rides and off-road cycling.

Mossa and Beliv shorts:

  • TransTextura™ fabric absorbs moisture while drying quickly
  • Multi-thickness foam shaping offers padding where it is needed, reducing bulkiness in other areas

Passo and Activo shorts:

  • Designed for off-road riding
  • TransTextura™ fabric absorbs moisture while drying quickly

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