3F Bike Design for Women

3F stands for “Fit, Form, Function.” We use 3F as the compass of wisdom that guides our team as we research, test, and think up brand new bike designs, apparel and gear.

Starting from scratch, we design Liv bikes for women so they never have to compromise their ride. We dig deep into data that reveals the varying proportions, dynamics and strengths of women’s bodies, because the average woman is not the same as the average human body.


Liv calculates a bike’s fit by using three layers of data: Body Dimensions, Muscular Activity, and Strength Patterns. We fine-tune our performance products with feedback from athletes. For our off-road performance line, our shocks are tuned for women by women. Together, the data and feedback are applied to design the final frame and entire bike build to complement a women’s body and harness her fierce lower body strength with balance and comfort. This is our serious pursuit for fit, and with our 3F Design Philosophy lighting the way, you just don’t have to settle for something that merely works. You’ll be stoked on something that finally fits and delivers the ride.


It’s not just about creating good-looking bikes. At Liv, we invent bikes you’ll fall in love with. Bikes that get you excited to ride and are impossible to ignore. Each year, Liv develops a color palette that carries through all our bikes, gear and clothing. Our designers spend countless hours finding unique ways to apply current trends to new and exciting themes, colors and graphics. With an obsessive attention to detail, we make sure every sleek line, small spacer, or cable end fits our overall vision to inspire you to ride.


This is where Liv ties the whole thing in a bow. The package is only complete after the union of frame design, componentry, and state-of-the-art technologies. That’s how we produce lighter, faster, better performing bikes for every type of rider. From our pressure-reducing, women’s-specific saddles, to stem lengths optimized to put you in the perfect position, to brake levers that put stopping power within better reach – Liv carefully selects each component to get you as close as possible to the perfect ride, right out of the box.