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Anjin pogovor z Rae Morrison

torek, 10. maj 2022


Tokratni blog je nekoliko drugačen. Tokrat sem se pogovarjala s svojo prvo pravo vzornico tega športa. Rae Morrison je bila ena izmed prvih pro tekmovalk, ki sem jih začela spremljati, ko sem začela furat. Res je vzor vsem damam, ženskam, puncam v temu športu. Talentirana, energična, prijazna dama iz Nove Zelandije je tokrat odgovorila na nekaj mojih vprašanj. Želim vam veselo branje!

Who is Rae Morrison?

I’m a mountain biker from Nelson, New Zealand, racing for Liv Racing focussing on the Enduro World Series.

(Kdo je Rae Morrison?
Sem gorska kolesarka iz Nelsona, Nove Zelandije, tekmujem predvsem na Enduro World Series za Liv Racing.)

How and when have you become a fan of mountain biking? What are some of the problems, difficulties or fears you were facing with during your learning process in the beginning and how did you overcome them?

I started mountain biking when I was 15 years old after trying it for the first time in an adventure race. I got hooked instantly and joined the local club. My biggest struggle at the beginning was being the only female, the guys were super welcoming and encouraging to me, but I still really missed female company and chat, there was also a lack of competition early on where a lot of times I would win by default because I was the only one in my category. It was hard to feel good about a good race I had because I had no one to compare with, and likewise if I had a bad race, it felt like I didn’t deserve to be on the podium. It wasn’t until later on when I had some good competition and other women to really push me.

(Kako in kdaj si postala navdušena gorska kolesarka? Kaj so bile nekatere težave ali strahovi, s katerimi si se soočala v svojem učnem procesu na začetku in kako si jih premagala?
Začela sem gorsko kolesariti, ko sem bila 15 let stara, po tem, ko sem to prvič preizkusila v pustolovski tekmi. Takoj sem se navdušila in se pridružila lokalnemu klubu. Moja največja težava je bila v tem, da sem bila edina ženska, fantje so me sicer zelo spodbujali in podpirali, ampak še vedno sem zelo pogrešala žensko družbo in klepet. Na začetku je primanjkovalo tudi konkurence, saj sem velikokrat samodejno zmagala, ker sem bila edina v svoji kategoriiji. Zelo težko sem se dobro počutila glede dobre tekme, ker se nisem mogla z nobeno primerjati in hkrati če sem imela slabo tekmo, sem se počutila, kot da si nisem
zaslužila stopničk. Šele kasneje sem dobila dobro konkurence in druge ženske, ki so me motivirale.)

How was it for you in a then (and still) mostly man-dominated sport? Have you maybe experienced some difficulties, also maybe some that men haven't?

As above the lack of competition and female company made things a little bit lonely. But I guess with the exception of my male riding buddies who were very supportive, I was strongly discouraged from mountain biking from most other people. Especially early on when I was developing my skills and falling off the bike a lot, I would come home with minor cuts and bruises and would constantly receive comments from teaches, doctors, relatives that I should choose another sport, or that I was going to ruin and scar my legs, and that no boy would like a girl with grazes. I’m glad I ignored all those comments and just continued with what I love, scars and all.

(Kako ti je bilo v takrat (in še vedno) predvsem moškem športu? Si imela mogoče tudi kakšne druge težave, ki jih mogoče moški sploh niso imeli?
Kot že omenjeno zgoraj, zaradi pomanjkanje konkurence in ženske družbe je bilo vse nekoliko osamljeno.
Vendar mislim da, za razliko od mojih moških kompanjonov, ki so me zelo podpirali, me je večina ljudi poskušala odvrniti od gorskega kolesarjenja. Predvsem na začetku, ko sem še razvijala svoje veščine in sem velikokrat padala s kolesa, sem prihajala domov z manjšimi urezninami in ranicami in sem kar naprej prejemala komentarje od svojih učiteljev, zdravnikov, sorodnikov, da bi si morala izbrati drug šport ali pa bom uničila svoje noge z brazgotinami ter da noben fant noče punce z odgrninami. Zadovoljna sem, da sem ignorirala vse te komentarje in nadaljevala to, kar imam rada, brazgotine in vse.)

You believe that women should be able to take care of (some of) their mechanical problems of the bike. Any advice, tip where it is best to start off and what do you think is most important to know, learn?

Absolutely. I think it is very empowering and just handy to have some mechanical skills to help look after your bike and get out of tricky situations. Learning the basics like how put a tube in, change a tire are always helpful. Also basic cleaning, lubing the chain, pumping up the tires and suspension, and regularly doing a bolt check are going to make your bike very happy and reduce the bike shop bill through preventive care.

(Ti verjameš, da bi morale ženske poskrbeti za mehanične težave svojega kolesa. Imaš kakšen nasvet, kje je najboljše začeti in kaj misliš, je najbolj pomembno vedeti/znati?
Absolutno. Verjamem, da to krepi in je zelo priročno imeti mehanične veščine, s katerimi lahko poskrbiš za svoje kolo in ti pomagajo iz kočljive situacije. Učenje osnov, kot je kako vstaviti zračnico, kako zamenjati gumo, je vedno koristno. Tudi osnovno čiščenje, mazanje verige, pumpanje gum in vzmeti ter redno preverjanje vijakov bodo osrečili vaše kolo in zmanjšali vaš račun v kolesarski trgovini s preventivno oskrbo.)

What was the most difficult part of becoming a female pro?

Finding a team or factory support. It is very hard to break into the scene and earn enough money to afford everything. Most teams will have one token female rider, and some teams still don’t see the value in supporting women, so team spots are very limited. It is definitely getting better, especially with more coverage and more women riding bikes, but it’s still difficult.

(Kaj je bilo najtežje v procesu postajanja pro tekmovalke?
Poiskati ekipo ali tovarniško podporo. Zelo težko je prodreti na sceno in zaslužiti dovolj denarja, da si lahko vse privoščiš. Večina ekip ima eno simbolično žensko tekmovalko in nekatere ekipe še vedno ne vidijo pomena v podpiranju žensk, torej mesta v ekipi so zelo omejena. Gotovo postaja boljše, predvsem z večjim pokritjem in več žensk kolesark, vendar je še vedno težko.)

Who or what was that, that pushed you in a way and motivated you in your early days of mountain biking? Has that changed throughout the years of riding?

I think I just loved mountain biking so much. I was a very shy kid and didn’t really like school, so after school and weekends I loved getting away into the forest away from everything. I found out early on I had a talent for riding and had no self-preservation so I improved very quickly. I was noticed and recognised as a good rider, and I think it was the first time I had confidence in myself and felt like I really belonged. The only thing that has changed though the years is my self-preservation haha, I look after myself a bit more now and I am more calculated
weighing up risk vs reward.

(Kdo ali kaj je bil tisti, ki te je zmotiviral v prvih dnevih gorskega kolesarjenje? Se je to spremenilo skozi leta furanja?
Mislim, da sem enostavno oboževala gorsko kolesarjenje. Bila sem zelo sramežljiv otrok in res nisem marala šole, tako da po šoli in za vikende sem rada pobegnila v gozd stran od vsega. Kmalu sem ugotovila, da imam talent za furanje in nobene potrebe po samoohranitvi, tako da sem hitronapredovala. Bila sem opažena kot dober kolesar in mislim, da je bilo prvič, da sem bila samozavestna in da resnično nekam pripadam. Edina stvar, ki se je spremenila skozi leta je potreba po samoohranitvi haha, zdaj malo bolj pazim nase in sem bolj preračunljiva pri tehtanju nagrade proti tveganju.)

How do you deal with having your period and riding your bike? Any tips or tricks?

I read the book ‘Roar’ by Dr. Stacy Sims. Changed my life. Working around my cycle with training and nutrition instead of just ignoring it and hoping it doesn’t fall on race day. I would recommend reading her book or at least
listening to her podcasts to learn how to work with your physiology, it’s a game changer for every female and/or coach.

(Kako se soočaš z menstruacijo in furanjem kolesa? Kakšen nasvet ali trik?
Prebrala sem knjigo »Roar« od Dr. Stacy Sims. Spremenila mi je življenje. Delam okoli svojega cikla s treningom in prehrano, namesto da bi to ignorirala in upala da pač ne pride ravno na dan tekme. Priporočam, da preberete njeno knjigo ali vsaj poslušate njene podcaste, da se naučite, kako delati s
svojo fiziologijo, saj je »game changer« za vsako žensko in/ali njenega trenerja.)

Do you believe in lucky charms – something you never go racing or just riding without or maybe having a little ritual?

No haha, lots of people I know do have lucky socks, goggles or a charm. I have favourite things, but I don’t feel unlucky if I don’t have them or forget them.

(Verjameš v talismane – nekaj, brez česar ne greš tekmovat ali samo furat ali mogoče imaš kakšen mali ritual?
Ne haha, veliko ljudi, ki jih poznam, imajo svoje srečne nogavice, očala ali obesek. Imam svoje najljubše stvari, ampak se ne počutim nesrečno, če jih nimam ali jih pozabim.)

What is your favourite kind of music to listen to on your earSHOTS?

I have such a broad range of music I listen to on my earSHOTS for different occasions. I have a race/training playlist for when I need to get amped up with mostly punk/ alternate rock from when I was a teenager. I have a chilled-out playlist for endurance rides or taking the dog for walks, and I have a sing-along playlist for doing
housework haha.

(Katera je tvoja najljubša zvrst glasbe, ki jo poslušaš na svojih earSHOTS?
Imam zelo širok nabor glasbe, ki jo poslušam na svojih earSHOTS za razne priložnosti. Imam svojo playlisto za tekmo/trening z večinoma punk/alternativni rock glasbo še iz svojih najstniških časov. Imam pomirjajočo playlisto za fure vzdržljivosti ali za peljati psa na sprehod in imam sing-along playlisto za gospodinjska dela haha.)

Do you remember your first bike ever? Which one was your favourite bike so far?

I don’t remember my first bike, but my first mountain bike I got when I was 15. My parents bought my brothers and I a ‘family’ mountain bike to share, luckily for me my brothers weren’t interested so it became mine by default. It was just a cheap entry level hardtail, an Avanti ridge rider. My favourite bike is my currently one, Liv Intrigue 29. I just love riding it and find it so comfy, fun and of course very fast.
Ali se spomniš svojega prvega kolesa? Kateri je bil tvoj najljubši do sedaj?

(Ne spomnim se svojega prvega kolesa, ampak svoje prvo gorsko kolo sem dobila pri 15 letih. Starši so kupili meni in bratom »družinsko« gorsko kolo, ki bi si ga vsi delili, k sreči bratov to ni zanimalo, tako da je kolo samodejno postalo moje. Bil je poceni trdak, Avanti ridge rider. Moje najljubše kolo je moje trenutno kolo, Liv Intrigue 29. Rada ga furam in res je zelo udobno, zabavno in seveda zelo hitro.
Your bikes at the moment? Do you give your bikes any special (nick)names? What normally happens to your previous bikes?
I currently have my race bike Liv Intrigue Advance Pro 29.)

My Liv Hail I have set up as a single speed mullet as a park bike and I occasional race DH on it.

My Liv Langma as my road training bike.
Lastly my Liv STP jump/ pump track bike.
And hopefully I’ll get an E-bike soon. The Liv Intrigue E+ I would love to own.
My old bikes I usually sell on to friends. I have no nicknames for my bikes, I am open to suggestions though.

(Tvoja trenutna kolesa? Daš svojim kolesom vzdevke? Kaj se ponavadi zgodi tvojim prejšnjim kolesom? Trenutno imam Liv Intrigue Advance Pro 29, s katerim tekmujem.
Moj Liv Hail je zrihtan kot single speed mullet za v parke in občasno tekmujem z njim v downhill kategoriji.

Moj Liv Langma je moje cestno kolo za trening.
Nazadnje moj Liv STP kot kolo za pumptracke in skoke.
In upam, da dobim e-kolo kmalu. Z veseljem bi imela Liv Intrigue E+.
Stara kolesa ponavadi prodam prijateljem. Za kolesa nimam vzdevkov, se pa priporočam za predloge.)

What is the best thing about Liv bikes for you?

I love how much the company is dedicated to supporting and encouraging more women on bikes and into the industry. They design their bikes with women geometry in mind, they create amazing bikes and built an
incredible and encouraging community for women to thrive in.

Kaj je zate najboljše pri Liv kolesih?

Všeč mi je, kako je podjetje predano podpiranju in spodbujanju več žensk na kolesa in v industrijo. Kolesa oblikujejo z ozirom na žensko geometrijo, ustvarjajo izjemna kolesa in gradijo neverjetno in podporno skupnost za ženske, kjer lahko uspejo.)

Taking care of your body mentally and physically is very important – what kind of part does food play here for you, do you make some strict weekly menus or anything similar? Any recommendations for long enduro rides?

I am not super strict with my food, I find it really hard to stick with diets when I travel so much. I just try and make sure I eat enough protein, veggies and fruits and time my meals well so my body is always well fuelled (Again read ‘Roar’ by Dr. Stacy Sims, she has some great suggestions).

For long rides my favourite riding food is having rice crackers with peanut butter, also bananas, dried fruit and nuts, and bars to snack on.

(Zelo pomembno je poskrbeti za svoje telo tako mentalno kot fizično – kakšno vlogo ima zate tu hrana, ali imaš striktne tedenske jedilnike ali kaj podobnega? Imaš kakšna priporočila za dolge enduro fure? Nisem zelo striktna glede hrane, težko se je držati neke diete, ko tako veliko potujem. Poskušam jesti dovolj proteinov, zelenjave in sadja ter tempiram svoje obroke tako, da je moje telo vedno dovolj nahranjeno (spet – preberite »Roar« od Dr. Stacy Sims, ima veliko dobrih predlogov). Moja najljubša hrana za dolge fure so riževi krekerji z arašidovim maslom, tudi banane, suho sadje in oreščki ter ploščice za prigrizek.)

What would you say is the best way to deal with fear of something when riding a trail or taking up a challenge in learning a new skill? How do you deal with it?

I find it helpful asking for advice from a more experienced rider and even riding with them. I like to follow someone that I trust into the feature I am nervous about. Then you don’t have to worry about speed or line choice and can solely focus on copying the rider in front. After I have done it once then it’s a lot easier to ride it again by myself.

(Kateri način je zate najboljši za soočanje s strahom pred nečim, ko furaš trail oz. premaguješ izzive v učenju novih veščin? Kako se ti s tem soočaš?
Meni se zdi v pomoč, da vprašam za nasvet bolj izkušenega kolesarja ali celo furam z njimi. Všeč mi je, da sledim nekomu, ki mu zaupam na neki oviri, pri kateri sem živčna. Potem ti ni treba skrbeti glede hitrosti ali izbire linije in se lahko fokusiraš samo na kopiranje furanja kolesarja pred tabo. Ko enkrat to
pofuram, je potem zelo lažje, da odfuram sama.)

What advice would you give to the ladies when riding a completely new trail?

Keep your eyes up. It’s so easier to let your eyes drop to your front wheel, it’s helpful to keep reminding yourself to look ahead. The further ahead you look the more time you have to prepare of features and line choice, and the feeling for stability and balance will feel significantly better.

(Kakšen nasvet bi dala damam, ko furajo popolnoma nov trail?
Glej z očmi naprej. Tako rado se dogaja, da pustiš očem, da padejo na tvoje prednje kolo, pomaga, da se vedno opominjaš, da glej naprej. Bolj naprej ko gledaš, več časa imaš, da se pripraviš za odseke in ovire ter izbiro linije, in tudi občutek za stabilnost in ravnotežje bo zelo boljši.)

Your top 3 favourite places to ride.

Nelson, New Zealand
Whistler, Canada Finale Ligure, Italy
Tvoje 3 najljubše lokacije za furanje. Nelson, Nova Zelandija
Whistler, Kanada
Finale Ligure, Italija
Your wish list of places to ride.

I would love to ride in countries I have never been to before like South Africa, Japan, China etc.

(Tvoj seznam želja lokacij za furanje.
Želela bi si furati v državah, kjer še nikoli nisem bila, kot je Južna Afrika, Japonska, Kitajska itd.)

Your least favourite place to ride.

On the road. Especially narrow roads I don’t like when cars pass too close, I feel very vulnerable with my life in the hands of the driver. I much prefer the dirt.

(Tvoja najmanja prijljubljena lokacija za furanje.
Na cesti. Še posebej na ozkih cestah mi ni všeč, ko avti prehitevajo preblizu, počutim se ranljivo z mojim življenjem v rokah voznika. Veliko raje imam zemljo.)

Have you ever been to Slovenia? If yes, how did you like it? If not, would you like to?

I have only been to Jamnica, Slovenia once for the EWS in 2019 between the border of Austria and Slovenia. I loved it there, countryside was so green and beautiful. I would love to spend more time there and travel around a bit more.

(Si bila kdaj v Sloveniji? Če ja, kako ti je bila všeč? Če ne, bi jo rada obiskala?
Bila sem samo v Jamnici enkrat za EWS v 2019 na meji med Avstrijo in Slovenijo. Zelo mi je bilo všeč tam, podeželje je bilo zelo zeleno in čudovito. Z veseljem bi bila več časa tam in potovala še malo.)

Your advice for all the women out there, who have just started mountain biking.

Just have fun, go riding with friends, make mistakes, and have a good laugh.

(Tvoj nasvet za vse dame, ki so šele začele furat gorsko kolo. Uživaj, furaj s prijatelji, delaj napake in se smej.)

Your advice for all the women out there, who have been mountain biking for longer time.

Ride a variety of trails. It’s easy to get stuck with riding the same trails over and over. Riding in a variety of places and different trails is a great way to keep things fresh, challenge you and help you to discover more amazing places.

(Tvoj nasvet za vse dame, ki že več časa furajo gorsko kolo.
Furaj različne traile. Zelo hitro lahko obtičiš s furanjem enih in istih trailov kar naprej. Furanje na različnih lokacijah in različnih trailov je odličen način, kako ohranjati stvari zanimive, si postavljati izzive in odkrivati več izjemnih lokacij.)

What do you prefer when enjoying your free time on the trails – choose one:
a. Flats or clipless: Clipless, I started with clips early on so it is my default, but once in a while I do put flats back on re-learn some good habits.
b. Riding solo or with your mates: Riding with mates, it’s my fitness and social time :)
c. Gloves or no gloves: Gloves.
d. Full or open face helmet: Full face. I feel invisible in a full-face helmet.
e. Goggles/glasses or no goggles/glasses: goggles, not only practical but I love all the different colours you can choose.
f. Tube or tubeless tyre: Tubeless 100%.
g. Flowy or technical trails: Techy trails.

(Kaj ti je ljubše, ko uživaš v prostem času na trailih – izberi eno:
a. Flats ali clipless: Clipless, začela sem z njimi že v začetku, tako da je to moja samodejna izbira, ampak včasih imam tudi spet flats, da se ponovno naučim starih navad.

Furaš sama ali s svojimi prijatelji: Furam s prijatelji, je moj fitnes in družabni čas :)
Rokavice ali brez rokavic: Rokavice.
Full ali open face čelada: Full face. Počutim se nevidno s full face čelado.
Očala ali brez očal: očala, niso samo praktična, ampak mi je všeč tudi velika izbira barv očal.
Zračnica ali brez zračnice: Brez zračnice 100%.
Flowy ali tehnični traili: Tehnični traili.)

What would you be doing if bikes wouldn't exist at all?

I’ll be doing something in the outdoors, I can see myself getting into skiing.

(Kaj bi počela, če kolesa ne bi obstajala?
Gotovo bi počela nekaj zunaj na prostem, lahko se vidim v smučanju.)

Tell us something about Rae Morrison that nobody knows.

My middle name is Claire.

(Povej nam nekaj o Rae Morrison, česar noben ne ve.

Moje srednje ime je Claire.)

What are your wishes or goals for the upcoming years?

I just want to keep improving in my racing and my skills, and to continue to enjoy what I do.

(Kakšne so tvoje želje in cilji za prihajajoča leta? Želim se še naprej izpopolnjevati v svojih tekmovanjih in veščinah ter še naprej uživati v tem, kar počnem.)

Any advice or thought for all the ladies out there who are thinking about starting to mountain bike?

Just do it. I think mountain biking is one of the most welcoming sports no matter the level. It is great for getting into nature, it’s great for fitness and health and there is a whole community of like-minded people to get to know.

(Kakšen nasvet ali misel za vse dame, ki premišljujo o tem, da bi začele furat?
Samo začni. Mislim, da je gorsko kolesarjenje najbolj sprejemajoč šport ne glede na nivo. Super je za oddih v naravi, za fitnes in zdravje in velika skupnost podobno mislečih ljudi, ki jih lahko spoznaš.)

Zahvaljujem se Rae Morrison za njen čas in zanimive odgovore!

Vprašanja in prevod je napisala: Anja Rot


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