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Meet Emma

Birth date: December 9, 2001 | Location: Saint Raphaël, France | Birthplace: Chambéry, France

What are some of your favorite places to ride locally?

In the mountains

What is your specialty on the team/what is your main cycling discipline you ride/race?


What are some of your notable cycling career results and/or achievements?

  • 3rd overall WTCS 2023
  • U23 World champion 2021

What is your favorite Liv bike?

EnviLiv advanced SL

How did you get into cycling?

Because of triathlon

I am committed to...

Respect, work, fair-play

What piece of advice would you give to your 13-year-old-self?

Trust the process and have fun

Why do you ride?

To be stronger

Who inspires you?

Simone Biles

What's your secret talent?

Can’t tell at first sight but got a lot of humor and can also do the belly dance