Thank you, Mom. For supporting all of our wild ideas. Whether it was to quit our day job to pursue our dreams, moving across the world or flying down mountains. Mom, you've helped us become the women we are today.

Liv athletes have accomplished amazing things, but behind these strong women are more strong women who paved the way and helped their daughters get out there and get after their goals. Get inspired and share your rides with your mom this Mother's Day by tagging #HowWeLiv on social media. 

Shirin Gerami, Liv Triathlete

"She gave me my body, my breath, my life. She taught me to dream and to follow my heart. I would not be here with out you Maman, in every sense. I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my mother."


Juliette Labous, Team Sunweb

"This one was taken after my national junior title on the road race. My mum has always been supporting me and encouraging me to do what I love and she has always given me a lot of motivation and confidence and I am really thankful for how she has always been with me since I’m young!"


Radka Kahlefeldt, Liv Triathlete

“My mom was always very supportive and she would do anything for me! For example, she travelled all the way from the Czech Republic last month to meet baby Ruby for the first time and help me out with her. I understand now how hard it is for her that her daughter (me) moved to Australia, the other side of the world! But she would never stop me from following my dreams and is happy that I am happy! Love you mom!”


Katie Holden, Liv Mountain Bike Athlete, Adventurer, and Mentor

"My mom gave me the opportunity to pursue mountain biking. She pushed me and told me to never give up. She told me to follow my dreams and I did. It's all thanks to her." 


Allysa Seely, Paralympic Gold Medalist, Triathlon

“When I told my mom, a teacher, I wanted to forgo medical school to chase my dream of being an Olympic gold medalist. She didn’t bat an eye or hesitate for a second. She told me I had one chance to chase my Olympic dream and medical school would always be there waiting for me when I was ready to go back. 'The time is now Allysa, don’t let It go.’ Since that conversation, she has traveled around the world relentlessly cheering me on during my highs and lows. When she isn’t able to cheer in person she wakes up at any hour to wish me luck and follow along online. Without my mom, I wouldn’t be the athlete or the woman I am. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love you more than words can convey.”


Leigh Donovan, Downhill World Champion/ Liv Ambassador

"Today is not just Mother's Day, but also my mom’s birthday. My mom has always loved adventure and would introduce my sister and I to as much of the world as she could through paper. I remember sitting around the fireplace in the winter reading through the encyclopedia about different places in the world and cultures, mom would always tell us, “Someday maybe you will see that.” I remember thinking, “Doubt it!” But as luck would have it I found mountain biking in 1992 and it changed the course of my life forever. I remember telling my mom this Wild Idea I had to drop out of college to start racing bikes. I expected her to laugh at me, but instead, she said, “You can always go back to school but this opportunity may never come around again.” I will forever be grateful she said that, because my life is more complete with so much happiness today than I had ever imagined. My mom has been right about a lot of things in my life…wrong too, but we will stick with the good stuff, haha! If I could say one word that would describe my mom it would be Voyager, because she sees things before they happen, loves to travel, learn, and experience life to it’s fullest. Happy Birthday mom…and Happy Mothers day, too!" 


Floortje Mackaij, Team Sunweb

“My mom is not only my mom but also my best friend! I tell her everything that is going on in my life! She will always give her opinion when I come up with my ‘Wild Ideas’ but that’s why I’m so thankful with my mom! She is always there. I love you, Mom!"


Caroline Washam, Liv Athlete and Employee

“My Mom has never once doubted that I could conquer my Wild Ideas. When I started BMX racing at the age of 10, she didn’t even raise an eyebrow when my goal was to win races against the boys… in fact, she bought a video camera to record it. Thank you, Mom, for never letting me mutter the words, ‘I can’t’ and urging me to commit 110% to all my Wild Ideas.”


Leah Kirchmann, Team Sunweb

“Growing up, I always believed that anything was possible. My mom supported my Wild Ideas, no matter what. Cycling, skiing, gymnastics, figure skating, soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, badminton, tennis… I was allowed to try anything and everything, and never once believed that certain things were not meant for girls. Once I found cycling, her support was unwavering, and it still is to this day. Thank you, Mom, for everything, Happy Mother’s day!”


Serena Bishop Gordon, Liv Co-Factory Off-Road Team

“My mother is the strongest, bravest, most beautiful woman I have ever met. She is my best critic and greatest support. She has supported me when my most wild ideas teetered on the edge of crazy and believes in me even when I don't believe in myself. All my grit and all my grace have come from her.  Thank you, Mama, for giving me wings, and teaching me to fly."


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