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Bike Gift Guides

Looking for the best gifts for the lady cyclist in your life? Trying to find a way to hint to your partner that you REALLY want that bike you have been eyeing for months? With all the new technology and trends when it comes to biking, finding a gift or even figuring out what you want can be confusing and time-consuming.

Liv has already done the work for you.

We have cultivated the best gifts for cyclists of all kinds, put together fun and easy bike DIY projects that all your friends will want and we will even help you avoid common mistakes when it comes to buying a bike for someone other than yourself. Ready? Get gifting!


Happy #NewBikeDay, from Liv.

We love seeing your #NewBikeDay photos on Instagram! Share your favorite holiday moments with us this year, whether you've received a new bike, you're giving a bike to someone you love, you're spreading the joy of cycling by donating to your favorite charity, or enjoying the first ride in a long time together as a family. Tag #NewBikeDay and @LivCycling