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5 Ways to Make Indoor Training Exciting Again

with ALLYSA SEELY, Liv Triathlete

The winter months are upon us, which for many means lots of long hours on the trainer. I know I can find trainer work dull at best and mind-numbing at worst. It doesn’t have to be and this year I am determined to change that.

So no matter what has you stuck riding inside, here are five ways to spice up indoor training.

1. Turn your basement, garage, living room or workout room into your very own spin class.

Even if you can't have your girlfriends over for an in-person spin class, jump on a Zoom call and motivate one another virtually! Each week rotate who will lead the workout. Epic playlists are a must!

2. Make it a movie night.

Before hitting "play", create a few rules to keep you on your toes. For example, if it is a cheesy romantic comedy anytime a laugh track plays you have to sprint. You can make whatever rules you want to match your cinema selection.

3. Recruit a friend who doesn’t currently ride to give it a try this winter.

If you need some help convincing them here are a few suggestions:

  • It is great exercise even when we are stuck indoors because of the snow!
  • It’ll be so much fun to have a designated time to catch up every week!
  • The best way to learn is indoors on the trainer, I can teach you shifting, basic maintenance, and everything to make you comfortable to ride outdoors with me come the spring!

4. Host a book club.

Okay this one sounds a little out there, but hear me out. In college I had to multitask a lot to get my homework and training in. Many times I would sit on the trainer with a textbook for my weekend long rides. Not only was I able to check both tasks off my list, it made the time spent on the trainer go by faster than watching movie after movie. Grab the newest best seller and host a video call to discuss it with friends and training partners. If you don’t have time to read during the week download the audio version and listen along while you get in those miles.

Looking for suggestions? These are some of my favorites I have read recently.

Sport Related:

Non Sport Related:

5. Have a smart trainer?

Join Zwift and jump into a group ride, ride a route in a country you have always wanted to travel to, or create a ride companions from a far can do together without being in the same physical location. Check out THIS ARTICLE if you need help getting started with Zwift.

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