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PedalPlus Pedal Assist Sensor

Liv PedalPlus E-bike Technology

Liv and Giant's PedalPlus Technology has evolved from the 4-sensor technology for all e-bikes produced prior to model year 2020 and the 6-sensor technology for all e-bikes from 2020 and beyond! Read on to learn what is new: 


Liv’s new 6-sensor Smart Assist technology provides the most versatile and natural riding experience across diverse terrain and riding styles. Used in all SyncDrive motors, this technology listens to you then tells the motor how to best respond. Translating six measurements about your riding, this adds the perfect amount of power at just the right time. The result is an extremely fluid riding experience that feels like riding a standard bike but with so much more “oomph.” With the addition of Slope Detection and Accelerometer sensors, PedalPlus 6 offers an even smoother assist than PedalPlus 4! 

Torque Sensor

The torque sensor continuously reads your pedaling input and adds the ideal support from the motor in a seamless, perfectly timed power boost that is proportional to your effort.

Speed Sensor

The speed sensor measures the speed at which the rider is traveling.

Cadence Sensor

Measures pedaling cadence for precise timing of power integration.

Motor Rotation Sensor

Allows the motor to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Slope Detection Sensor

Calculates how steep of a hill you are riding and is able to automatically adjust power output to make climbing a breeze.

Accelerometer Sensor

Measures the amount of acceleration and deceleration the bike experiences based on your input.



NATURAL FEELING: Enjoy the acceleration and boost in power as this system replicates a natural riding style, using the six sensors to add assistance exactly when needed.

EFFICIENCY: The 6-sensor Smart Assist technology maximizes energy efficiency for both the rider and the battery system.

INTELLIGENT SUPPORT: The combination of Smart Assis technology and the instantaneous response of the SyncDrive motor creates a smooth and powerful riding experience.