Gifts for the Commuting Cyclist 

For her, the bike is transportation. It is her ride to work, to meet friends and her freedom of mobility. The bike is also an extension of her individual style. We have put together some awesome gifts for the bike commuter, from the practical to the envy-inspiring. Enjoy.


For the commuter who wants to ride in style... The Liv Alight

If she is looking for a bike to take her from work, to the gym and out for drinks with friends, the Alight is the ride of her dreams. Practical components like a flat handlebar, disc brakes, and wide range of gears and models that come with fenders and rear rack, make Alight the perfect all-weather everyday commuter.


For the commuter who wants to get there fast and without breaking a sweat... Amiti-E+ 

Whether she wants to ditch the car completely or tackle a more challenging commute with speed and ease, Amiti-E+ can be there with pedal-assisted power. No matter how many hills she has to climb, or how far she has to travel to get into the office, strap on a laptop to the rack and dial up the assistance level to zoom down the road without even breaking a sweat. 


For the commuter who wants convertible comfort on and off the bike...  The Liv Avida Shoe

We love these shoes for everything from commuting to spin class. With the option to add clipless cleats, the pedal into work will become a little more efficient without sacrificing walking comfort and traction. These kicks are stylish enough for wear running errands or even meeting friends for coffee or lunch!


For the commuter who values protection... The Liv Rev Comp

What says “I love you” more than the gift of head protection? The Rev Liv Comp helmet is fit for the pros, but chic and budget-friendly enough for your daily commute. With a built-in magnetic mount for the Numen+ Link taillight, she'll be easily spotted while commuting on the road. 


For the commuter who needs quick and convenient on-the-bike storage... Liv Vecta Trunk Bag

This bag is a standard for any commuter bicycle. Big enough to stash items from a trip to the market, but rolls up small enough to not get in your way for quick trips. Velcro straps make this bag easy to put on and take off, and the added shoulder strap means your personal items can go with you.


For the commuter who needs an extra visible layer... The Liv Cefira Wind Jacket

When you’re commuting, it’s always good to be prepared. The Cefira Wind Jacket is lightweight and easy for her to throw in her bag, should the commute get a little chilly or to provide an extra visible layer for those early morning rides.


For every commuter... Bike Tools, Pumps, and Service Gear! 

The perfectly compact multi-tool that fits right into her trunk bag, a reliable floor pump to check her tire pressure before each ride, the complete kit to perform any safety check... it's true, bike tools really are a girl's best friend. 


*Pricing and availability vary by country. 

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