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Zawodniczki Liv Racing zadebiutowały w nowych strojach w Winning Fashion!

poniedziałek, 15 marca 2021

Drużyny i zawodnicy

Zawodniczki Liv Factory Racing i Liv Racing Collective stanęły na linii startu w miniony weekend. W nowych barwach Kaysee Armstrong i Riley Miller wygrały u siebie wyścigi po szutrze i enduro, a Isabella Naughton zajęła drugie miejsce w kwalifikacjach do EWS (w kategorii Elita Kobiet).

Liv Factory Racing athlete Isabella Naughton and Liv Racing Collective’s Riley Miller made the trip to Windrock in Oliver Springs, Tennessee for the first US Enduro World Series qualifier race of the year. What started as a sunny, warm weekend with bone-dry trails quickly turned to sloppy, slippery mud on Friday when rain began to fall at the start of enduro practice. The steep, fresh-cut trails made learning the tracks (and staying off the ground) challenging. Both athletes grappled with the tough conditions, but rallied for Sunday’s enduro race where racers were met with perfect weather and hero dirt. 15-year-old Miller took the win in the under 21 Sport category and Naughton finished second in the women’s elite EWS field, both aboard the Hail Advanced.

“Muddy, slippery, and unpredictable courses were intimidating,” said Miller. “But, it taught me that when things don’t go your way, reflect and think positive and then get back up and try your very hardest.”

“I had a lot of fun on the techy, long stages of 2 and 3 and managed to finish in second place,” said Naughton. “It’s exciting to see where my riding is at right now and can’t wait to get into some EWS racing in June!”

Liv Factory Racing athlete Kaysee Armstrong also competed over the weekend in the Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest in Clinton, South Carolina. She took home the win, finishing the 72-mile gravel race in 3 hours and 25 minutes with an average speed of 21 miles per hour aboard her Devote Advanced.

“A great start to 2021,” said Armstrong. “I went for broke the first 40 miles and was in the lead pro men’s field. It was fun!”



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