Rae Morrison z Liv Racing zwyciężyła w zawodach Giant TOA Enduro!

poniedziałek, 2 marca 2020

Drużyny i zawodnicy

Tegoroczny festiwal Crankworx Rotorua w Nowej Zelandii rozpoczął się w niedzielę od wyścigu Giant TOA Enduro. Rae Morrison, zawodniczka teamu Liv Racing, odniosła w nim bezapelacyjne zwycięstwo po tym, jak osiągnęła najlepszy czas na każdym etapie i zdeklasowała konkurentki.

In addition to marking the start of Crankworx season, the TOA Enduro, which took place on trails similar to last year’s Enduro World Series round, was the first race of the Asia Pacific Enduro Series. Conditions were 100 percent different from 2019. Rotorua hasn’t seen rain for 54 days, creating ultra-loose and dry tracks.

Liv Racing’s Rae Morrison kept it smooth and fast on the dusty trails, pulling away from the competition on all five stages to finish with a commanding lead of over a minute to take the win.

“The race went really well for me. I really liked the stages and it was amazing to finally have a dry race in Rotorua,” said Morrison. “I’ve been working hard during the off season and changed up a lot of things, so it was a huge boost seeing and feeling the hard work pay off.”

Morrison raced aboard her 2020 Hail Advanced. She made a few adjustments for the tracks in Rotorua, including using smaller Cushcore tire inserts and swapping her coil for a lighter weight air shock.

“The first EWS round in Columbia is quite similar terrain, same length and intensity to Rototua, so it was a great race to test this at,” said Morrison.

The EWS season kicks off on March 28 in Manizales, where Morrison will be joined by her Liv Racing teammate Leonie Picton.


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