How to Navigate the Subway with a Bike

How to Bring a Bike on the Subway

As you know from checking out my New York City Bike Travel Guide, taking the subway was once the only way I got around the big city. However, now that I know how to navigate the streets and all of the best bike routes, I am a city cyclist through-and-through. Still, sometimes it is necessary to hop on the subway to get where you need to go… especially if you just spent way too long at the MOMA and now you are late for a very important date!

Check out the tips below for everything you need to know about taking your bike on the subway.

How to Ride the Subway with a Bike

Tips for Bringing a Bike on the Subway:

Using both your bike and the subway is an incredible way to explore a city - you can cover so much ground and it’s so fun!

NYC Bike Travel Guide

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