Getting prepared for race day can be a bit stressful but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some things to remember

  • Do get your bike serviced at least 2 week before race day, preferably 3 weeks. This allows plenty of time to get new parts if anything needs to be replaced
  • Do wear your race day kit and shoes a few times to get used to them. Sometimes brand-new gear takes a little while to wear in and you’ll find out if you need to chamois cream to stop chaffing or thicker socks – no good finding that out about these on race day.
  • Do eat and drink the snacks and/or nutritional supplements that you’ll be using on the day. Some of these can have interesting effects on your tum if you are not used to them. Always take an extra bar or gel just in case.
  • Do write a list of everything you need/want to take and check it over with your team mates a few days before you set off. This way you are less likely to forget things and you won’t double on team gear.
  • Do remember to charge your lights or get new batteries!
  • Do have a complete trial run. Put everything on your mountain bike that you need for race day, put everything in your pack, put all your kit on and go riding and running and if you can, kayaking!
  • Most important of all - support your team mates, be kind to yourself and have a whole lot of fun.