Liv Contact SLR Upright



Liv’s new line of performance saddles uses our Dynamic Cycling Fit philosophy to help you find the perfect fit for your body, your position and your riding style. Every Contact SLR model is available in two different options (Forward or Upright) based on the unique contact angle of a rider’s pelvis while riding (women tend to have a U-shaped pelvis resulting in two defined Pelvis conditions). Contact SLR features carbon fibre rails, Particle Flow Technology to reduce pressure points all weighing in at just 180g.


  • DCF saddle selection process— simple, comprehensive, visual results in 10 minutes or less showing exactly how a rider contacts the saddle and which shape is best
  • High performance material specification
  • Vacuum formed strong, durable high-quality microfiber cover
  • Lightweight foam fill
  • Strategically placed Particle Flow Technology
  • Carbon Composite base material
  • Carbon Fiber Rails
  • Women's specific shape


Put in full days in the saddle without numbness and aches. The Contact SLR’s carbon rails and base material, along with ultra-light fill make for the perfect marriage of light weight and comfort. With a five-minute fit process, Liv provides a saddle that fits you best while you are riding a bike, a philosophy we call Dynamic Cycling Fit. Dial in a more customized fit with Particle Flow Technology, where free-flowing particles support you where you need it most.

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All specifications listed are subject to change without notice.