Liv SyncDrive E-bike Motor, Powered by Yamaha

Powered by and co-developed with Yamaha, SyncDrive is a powerful high-torque motor that produces smooth pedaling power and is sonically tuned for quiet performance. All software data was created using Giant and Liv’s cycling science expertise and test results. SyncDrive technology immediately interacts with your pedaling input by providing a corresponding power output, which creates a natural, enjoyable riding experience, backed by real-life results and the pursuit of a fabulously fun ride.

SyncDrive Pro Motor

Delivering 80Nm of torque, the sleek and lightweight SyncDrive Pro motor is factory tuned to supplement a more powerful and performance-oriented riding style. The supportive and capable SyncDrive Pro opens the doorway for more fun and challenging mountain bike trails or adventures. It delivers 100% of motor torque in less than 190 milliseconds, for a snappy motor response that creates a truly freeing ride experience. The ratchet mechanism of the clutch has seen significant design improvements, and an updated hollow axle shaft of the bottom bracket creates a quicker, more direct response.


SUPERIOR POWER OUTPUT: Compared to SyncDrive Sport, SyncDrive Pro offers the most powerful support ratio to maximize pedaling assistance. Made for performance-minded riders, this motor offers 80Nm of powerful support at up to 120 max rpm. The rider experiences no power loss while reaching higher levels of cadence, which makes steep climbs more accessible and comfortable.

TUNEABLE PERFORMANCE: A more dynamic way of using the motor that enables the rider to tune her own riding experience. In the highest setting, 100% of human torque input offers an impressive 360% of pedal-assist. With the addition of expanded and customizable support ratios, riders can decide what motor ratio best suits their riding style and the path ahead.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: A sleek, lightweight, and more compact motor package with a narrow Q-factor (168 mm at the narrowest) delivers the ultimate cycling experience.


SyncDrive Sport Motor

With five support modes and tunable support ratios up to 350%, the SyncDrive Sport motor empowers riders to push their limits and pursue new experiences. The SyncDrive Sport is the ideal solution for E-bike riders who seek a simple, smooth and affordable E-bike experience.

With up to 80Nm of torque, the SyncDrive Sport can deliver high power even at low speeds, responds instantly (500 milliseconds) when power is applied to the pedals. The result is a quiet, natural and powerful riding experience that fuses with a rider’s instincts.


TUNEABLE POWER: With up to 80Nm of torque, SyncDrive Sport can deliver impressive power, even at low speeds. The tunable support ratios offer the rider flexibility in their riding preferences.

INSTANT RESPONSE: The SyncDrive Sport motor engages instantly when power is applied to the pedals. This helps the rider when accelerating and offers reliable performance on rolling terrain, extended climbs, and even the steep pitches.

PROPORTIONAL POWER DELIVERY: The SyncDrive Sport motor produces proportional and linear support for a smooth and powerful feel, acting as a natural extension of rider power.

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