Local Rides near Barcelona, Spain

At Home with Trail Squad Athlete Anna Barea Garcia

My favorite places are areas that are a part of me, where I feel at home and where I know where to go. Here are some of my favorite things to do in my hometown, Manresa, Barcelona, Spain.

Favorite Trail

I love getting out to ride new trails and varying my training routine. But, since it’s not always possible for me to travel, this is my favorite local route.

The trails in Collbaix make up a route of approximately 30 km and about 600m of positive elevation. It has a variety of terrain, starting on a flat path where I can get rolling and activate my legs. Then the climb, which is approximately 4 km, begins with varied singletrack. When you reach the top of the slope, you’ve overcome the most physically difficult part of the ride. Then, you get to enjoy the descent. I love to go fast and enjoy the downhill. Once at the bottom of the descent, the last 10 km continues to be technical and hard on the legs, but it’s tons of fun!

Favorite Place to Relax

There are many impressive places in the world, characterized by their landscapes or mythical stories, but for me the most magnificent places are those that are part of my life and me every day. My home is my favorite place to go to relax. It is a simple house – not very big – but inside it is full of positive energy, work and love. I am very close to my family and I love sharing my day with them.

Favorite Coffee Shop/ Restaurant

I'll admit, I'm addicted to coffee! My favorite cafe, "EL BON GUST", is a small but very cozy cafeteria. I will go here every morning to get charged up with energy and ready for the day. I love the good coffee and the good atmosphere!