Langma Advanced SL


¿Cuál es mi talla?



The Langma Advanced SL is engineered with our lightest composite frame material to take you to the next level of road riding. The ultra-light frame is an ally on the steepest climbs, and the slender tubing gives an aerodynamic advantage. The downtube tapers to a thicker square-shape at the PowerCore bottom bracket, which creates an extremely lightweight and fast racing machine, without compromising strength or pedaling stiffness. With Liv’s 3F design philosophy and cutting-edge aerodynamic innovations on a compact frame design, this nimble and strong bike provides the winning advantage on every effort, from mountainous road races to aggressive criteriums.

Factores Clave de Rendimiento


Weighing a mere 1.155 kg, any build of the Langma Advanced SL frame and fork will prove itself as a precise climbing weapon.


Combining innovative tubing with the Flux stem provides the elements to slice through the wind without sacrificing weight or stiffness.

Tuned Stiffness

Liv dialed in a stiff and compliant frame using body geometry, strength and muscular activity data, along with athlete feedback so the bike works with you on every climb, descent and attack.

¿Por qué nos gusta tanto?

Impeccably handcrafted for the toughest climbers, aspiring racers, seasoned competitors and passionate cyclists alike, Langma Advanced SL is the secret weapon for charging the breakaway. Langma Advanced SL is programmed for both prolonged uphill efforts and quick accelerations so you can conquer the steepest climbs, power through flats, and rail technical descents. This bike is a true companion for a determined rider.

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TallasXXS, XS, S, M, L
ColoresRainbow Black / Rainbow Silver
CuadroAdvanced SL-Grade Composite, integrated seatpost
HorquillaAdvanced SL-Grade Composite, full-composite OverDrive 2 steerer
ManubrioGiant Contact SLR
PotenciaGiant Contact SLR Flux
Poste de asientointegrated
SillínLiv Contact SLR (forward)
Manetas de cambioSRAM Force eTap AXS
DesviadorSRAM Force eTap AXS
Cambio traseroSRAM Force AXS
FrenosSRAM Force AXS
Palancas de frenosSRAM Force AXS
CassetteSRAM Force AXS, 10x28
CadenaSRAM Force D1
MultiplicaciónSRAM Force eTap AXS, 35/48, Quarq power meter
Eje de CentroSRAM GXP, press fit
LlantasCADEX 42mm Composite WheelSystem
MazasCADEX 42mm WheelSystem
RayosCADEX 42mm Composite WheelSystem
LlantasCADEX Race 25, 700x25, folding, tubeless
ExtrasRideSense Bluetooth
Peso¿Cuánto pesa la bici? Es una pregunta común e importante. No existe ningún estándar en la industria de las bicicletas que permita comparar el peso de una bicicleta de una marca a otra. Lo que a menudo conduce a informaciones erróneas. Las diferencias se basan en las tallas, los materiales utilizados, los elementos incluidos o no en la evaluación del peso. Nosotros consideramos que la única forma de evaluar el peso de una bici es, sencillamente, probándola.

Todas las especificaciones están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso.

Características destacables

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Guia de Tallas y Geometría

Tallas para ser utilizadas sólo como referencia. Consulta con un distribuidor autorizado Giant o Liv para determinar la talla correcto.
Las tallas disponibles pueden variar de un país a otro.

XXS   145 cm4’9”  to 157 cm5’2”
XS   152 cm5’0”  to 163 cm5’4”
S   158 cm5’2”  to 169 cm5’7”
M   164 cm5’5”  to 176 cm5’9”
L   170 cm5’7”  to 183 cm6’0”
bike diagram
Longitud de la Base del Poste de Asiento (mm) (inch)59023.263024.867026.47102875029.5
Ángulo de la Base del Poste de Asiento (degrees)75.0°75.0°74.5°74.0°73.5°
Longitud del Tubo Superior (mm) (inch)49719.65072052420.654021.355521.9
Longitud del Telescopio (mm) (inch)1003.91154.51305.11505.91706.7
Ángulo del Telescopio (degrees)70.5°71.0°72.0°72.5°72.5°
Rake (mm) (inch)491.9491.9451.8451.8451.8
Trail (mm) (inch)68.82.765.62.663.52.560.32.460.32.4
Distancia entre Ejes (mm) (inch)9663897238.397438.398138.699139
Longitud de Vaina Inferior (mm) (inch)40515.940515.940515.940515.940515.9
Caída del Eje de Centro (mm) (inch)702.8702.8682.7682.7682.7
Stack (mm) (inch)49219.45082052520.754621.556522.2
Reach (mm) (inch)36514.437114.637814.938415.138815.3
Altura del Tubo Superior al Suelo (mm) (inch)66426.167926.770127.672828.775429.7
Ancho del Manubrio (mm) (inch)36014.236014.23801540015.742016.5
Longitud de la Potencia (mm) (inch)803.1803.1903.51003.91104.3
Longitud de la Biela (mm) (inch)1656.51656.51706.71706.7172.56.8
Tamaño de las Ruedas 700C700C700C700C700C


Advanced Composite SL Technology
Compact Road Design
OverDrive 2

Todas las especificaciones están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso.