RideControl Phone App

Sync Your Ride with the Liv and Giant E-bike App

Expand the world of connectivity with the Giant and Liv E-bike specific App, which allows riders to connect to their E-bike with their phone. It distinguishes itself from other cycling Apps by supporting three core functionalities: tuning possibilities, fitness functionalities and navigation. Riders can connect the App to their RideControl EVO display (available on some E-bike models), which actively displays the core functionalities, or use the App on their phone.


With the Giant and Liv E-bike App, it is now possible to tune motor settings and easily choose the support ratio that is most suitable for the terrain or riding style. The motor is automatically set to the following default settings, but the tune is adjustable with the App for a natural and fun ride.


E-bikes offer a whole spectrum of riding possibilities, from comfortable leisure riding to a hardcore fitness workout. With the Giant and Liv E-bike App, riders can set their fitness goals by time, distance, calories or heart rate. The system measures the amount of effort the rider puts in and gives direct feedback to reach their goals. Direct feedback on goals is provided on the RideControl EVO display, or directly on the App. After the ride is completed, the App shows rider accomplishments and performance, including the human and motor power output.


E-bikes are a great way to experience the outdoors and ride further than before, and integrated navigation gives riders the confidence to go explore without getting lost. The Giant and Liv E-bike App supports riders in plotting their course, allowing them to set a preferred destination (including points of interest). Auto-adjust functionality will notify riders if their current support mode will drain the battery before reaching their destination, and allow them to switch to an alternate support mode to save the battery. The selected route will be shown on the RideControl EVO display or within the App on the rider’s phone, adding a predictable safety element to the ride.


While connected to the App, riders will still have access to incoming messages, phone calls, and emails. And, if using a bike with the RideControl EVO display, the system’s wireless connectivity will show all notifications right on the screen while also making firmware updates.

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