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E-MTB Rules and Etiquette

Mountain Biking Etiquette for E-bikes

With more E-bikes being made to go off-road and onto your favorite trails, it’s important to know how and where to ride your new E-mtb. Remember, every mountain biker on the trail is an ambassador for the sport. If you want to see more trails open for E-bikes, it’s important to act and ride respectfully.

Why E-Mountain Bikes?

  1. Ride more trails. E-mtbs help you do more of what you love by giving you a pedal-assist push.
  2. Self-shuttle. You don’t have to get in your car, you can ride straight to the trailhead without expending a ton of extra energy.
  3. Bring people together. Regardless of you or your friends’ fitness levels, it’s easy to ride as a group on E-mtbs.
  4. It’s fun! So insanely fun.

Ride Respectfully

  1. Talk to your local bike shop. The employees at your local Liv bike shop, or wherever you’re visiting, can let you know where you can and can’t ride an E-mtb and share some of the best routes.
  2. Only ride trails that are posted as being open for e-mtb. Trail rules can vary widely depending on where you are riding. Never ride your E-mtb on a trail that doesn’t allow electric-assist bikes. Ignoring local trail use laws can give a bad name to other E-mountain bikers!
  3. Stay on the trail. Whether you are on an E-mtb or a regular mountain bike, always stay on the designated trail. Don’t cut corners, ride through vegetation, or create short cuts, it could damage the trail and/or surrounding wildlife.
  4. Stay off the trail when it’s wet. Rock, sand, clay, or loam – trail surfaces vary depending on location. If it has rained recently, it’s always best to check with the local bike shop on current trail conditions. Riding on muddy or soft trails can cause significant trail damage.
  5. Keep your speed in check. Although going fast on your E-bike can be fun, it can also be dangerous to yourself and others. When riding near other trail users, slow down. If you must pass, be polite. Ask the other rider, hiker, or horseback rider if you can pass and allow them to respond before maneuvering around her/him. Also keep in mind that the faster you go, the more difficult the trail will become. Look ahead and make sure to check your speed for upcoming trail obstacles and corners.

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