Lanza Womens Aero Road Helmet

€ 79,99

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Own the road with Lanza. Featuring the cooling AirFlow ventilation system and an aerodynamic tear drop shape Lanza is all round road performance. Integrated magnetic light mount gives you the option to increase visibility in low light and GoPro compatible mounting surface lets you point-of-view shoot every breathtaking hairpin and climb.


Sistema di regoalzione Giant Cinch Pro™• Costruzione InMold
• Imbottitura TransTextura™
• 17 fori di aerazione
• Taglie S-M-L (51-55/55-59/59-63cm)

Imbottitura LiteForm



RIF. 800001132-34

€ 79,99


This comfy road helmet is a bit of a looker. You’ll barely notice the Lanza perched atop your head, but thanks to high-tech helmet structuring, it will keep you safe when you need it most. Adorned with a sleek, aero design that reduces drag and amps up safety with more coverage at the back of the head. Flyweight in-mold construction creates impact-absorbing strength, with internal reinforcement for ultimate durability and crash protection.

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Le specifiche tecniche e i colori sono soggette a variazioni senza obbligo di preavviso. Taglie disponibili per l’Italia da verificare con il B2B per ogni modello.