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Liv Party Podcast Ride: Zwift 101

November 17, 18 + 20, five rides per day!


Welcome to week 1 of the Liv Langma Series Rides on Zwift! We're celebrating the release of the all-new Langma Disc range, so tune in and ride the new bike - virtually! This week, you'll be listening to our exclusive podcast featuring Ayesha McGowan. Sign up for a ride and be entered to win a real-life replica of the Liv Racing WorldTeam kit or other Liv products.
Date: Wednesday, Thursday + Saturday - November17, 18 + 20
Time: Available five times per day! (3am, 8am, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm GMT)
Duration: 1 hour
Host: Rahsaan Bahati

Join us for this week's Liv Party Podcast Ride. As you ride along Zwift's Watopia Wistband route on the all-new Langma Disc, you'll be wearing the award-winning Liv Racing WorldTeam kit and listening to our exclusive podcast. This week, host Rahsaan Bahati will be interviewing Liv Racing WorldTeam athlete Ayesha McGowan on all things Zwift and the new Langma!

Sign up for the ride HERE>

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