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Off Season Training for a Professional Snowboarder: Meet Kimmy

Why I Tri: Kimmy's Story

Snowboarding is my passion and spending a majority of my time in the outdoors makes me incredibly happy. Over the last 5 years, I have become really passionate about biking as well. For me, being on a bike is a great way to stay in shape and explore the mountains during the summer.

Mountain Biking

I have also found that mountain biking has so many similarities to snowboarding: the freedom of being in nature, the amazing workout and the constant progression and learning curve. Plus, cruising down a single track feels similar to riding powder in the trees on a snowboard. Both sports are so complimentary of each other. When my winter season starts winding down, I am able to jump on my Lust Advanced 0 and get back on the dirt, which is one of my favorite ways to stay fit during the summer and fall.

About 3 years ago, I became really interested in doing a triathlon due a big injury to my left knee. Committing to doing a triathlon gave me a perfect goal to stay focused to being healthy throughout my recovery. After I did my first triathlon I was hooked! I love the excitement of doing all three events of swimming, biking and running and training for these events has helped me maintain my strength when I’m not on my snowboard.

This coming summer, I am looking forward riding my new LIV Avail Advanced 1 road bike as I prepare for the June Lake Triathlon, which will take place in the middle of July 2016. Keeping this goal on my schedule during the winter gives me something to work towards on my down days.

-Kimmy Fasani, Professional Snowboarder

Road Biking