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Bike Helmet Fit and Size Guide

Liv Fit and Sizing Guide: Helmet

Your helmet is your most important accessory. Liv helmets are designed for all types of female riders, wherever they are in their cycling journey. From road and triathlon, where speed and aerodynamics matter most, to trail riders looking to push the limits on every ride and city riders who want a stylish look. Each one is built on thoughtful designs and ride-specific technologies to keep you cool, comfortable and secure on roads, paths or trails.

Helmet Fit Guide

Liv is committed to providing the best fit options for every woman. A combination of our fitting expertise and extensive 3D research has allowed us to create designs dedicated to two distinct head shapes: Western and Asian.

Head Shapes for Helmets


Western Head Shape:

Typically, people of Western descent have a more oval-shaped head – narrower in width, longer front to back.


Asian Head Shape:

Asian head shapes are typically rounder – wider in width.


Improper Fit:

An Asian rider wearing a helmet designed for a Western head shape results in pressure points on the four corners of the rider’s head, resulting in an uncomfortable fit.


Helmet fit

Helmet Size Guide

Ensuring you purchase the right size helmet is not only a matter of comfort, it is a decision that can impact your safety. Our helmet measurements refer to head circumference. Use a tape measurer following the diagram to establish the circumference of you or your child’s head and choose the correct helmet to match.

Helmet Measurement Guide


Step 1 (A):

Place the tape measurer about 25 mm above your eyebrows.

Step 2 (B):

Ensure the measuring tape is about 15 mm above your ear.

Adult Helmet Sizing

Adult Helmet

Adult Helmet Size Chart

Luta Helmet

Luta Helmet

Luta Helmet Size Chart

Youth Helmet Sizing

Youth Helmet

Youth Helmet Size Chart

Child Helmet Sizing

Child Helmet

Child Helmet Size Chart

Toddler Helmet

Toddler Helmet Size Chart

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