Allure RS 3



Sizing Guide and Geometry

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

ASeat Tube Length (mm) (inch)45017.750019.755021.7
BSeat Tube Angle (degrees)73.0°73.0°73.0°
CTop Tube Length (mm) (inch)57022.458022.859023.2
DHead Tube Length (mm) (inch)1606.31756.91907.5
EHead Tube Angle (degrees)69.0°69.0°69.0°
FFork Rake (mm) (inch)421.7421.7421.7
GTrail (mm) (inch)953.7953.7953.7
HWheelbase (mm) (inch)108842.8109943.3111043.7
IChain Stay Length (mm) (inch)45517.945517.945517.9
JBottom Bracket Drop (mm) (inch)702.8702.8702.8
KStack (mm) (inch)64325.365725.967126.4
LReach (mm) (inch)37314.737914.938515.2
MStand Over Height (mm) (inch)47418.746918.545918.1
NHandlebar Width (mm) (inch)62024.462024.462024.4
OStem Length (mm) (inch)903.5903.51104.3
PCrank Length (mm) (inch)1756.91756.91756.9
QWheel Size 700C700C700C

The specifications, colors, and availability of the products can be subjects to alter without prior notification. For availability and prices, please contact the retailers in your city / country.