MY21+ Road Bike drop out *See compatible bikes

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A replacement dropout for 2021 TCR disc brake models, 2023 Propel disc models and 2023 Enviliv Disc models. Please double check compatibility before ordering. Compatible with: MY23+ Propel Adv SL Disc, MY23+Propel Adv Pro Disc, MY23+Propel Adv Disc, MY23+ Enviliv Adv SL Disc, MY23+ Enviliv Adv Pro Disc, MY23+ Enviliv Adv Disc, MY22+ Langma Adv SL Disc, MY22+ Langma Adv Pro Disc, MY22+ Langma Adv Disc, MY21+ TCR Adv SL Disc, MY21+ TCR Adv Pro Disc, MY21+ TCR Adv Disc

All specifications listed are subject to change without notice.