Hayley Jane Warnes

Hayley Jane Warnes, a part-time triathlete, lifestyle blogger, digital content creator and Wonder Woman Amazon warrior, joins our family as a Liv Ambassador.

Hayley picked up the multi-sport bug at the age of 27, admitting she was unable to swim and had never seriously ridden a bike before this. After 3 months of intensive swim training, her first race was a 5km open water swim, after which she went on to race Olympic distance at the London triathlon and then 2 months after that, her first middle distance race at Challenge Weymouth. She is a firm believer in that absolutely anything is possible if you want it badly enough and are prepared to put in the hard yards.

Hayley is passionate about getting more bums on saddles and just generally making the sport more approachable for women. She knows how important it is to remember we were all beginners once and that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Her aim is to make everyone feel confident enough to give cycling a go. She wants to inspire women to discover their potential and live a life that they love.

Hayley has set herself some impressive goals this year – from putting her new Liv Langma to the test to running the Paris marathon. She will also be throwing a few middle distance triathlons in to the mix throughout the year.

Follow Hayley’s incredible journey here:

Blog: www.breaktheloop.net
Instagram: @hayleyjanewarnes
Twitter: @hayleyjwarnes 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breaktheloopblog

City, StateLondon
HometownGiant Radlett
Favorite bikeLiv Envie Advanced Pro 1
How to contact mewww.breaktheloop.net
Hayley Jane Warnes

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