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Vos’ Liv Langma Advanced SL

2019. november 1., péntek

Team versenyzők

Before the Taiwan KOM Challenge, CyclingTips caught up with Marianne Vos to check out her Langma Advanced SL. Get a closer look at the bike she has been racing all year by checking out the video below.

CCC-Liv has posted a hugely successful 2019 season. 19 of the team’s wins came from one woman: Marianne Vos. Though Vos has her EnviLiv Advanced Pro Disc for flat-out sprints, her main bike for the year has been the Langma Advanced SL.

At the beginning of the year, when asked about her first impressions of the Langma, Vos had this to say:

“It’s light. It’s stiff. It quickly responds on what you do. I like an aggressive-style ride, but it’s also great comfort. It’s an all-around bike that you can use all year – to have such an all-around bike that isn’t compromising in any way, it’s the best you can have. You don’t have to switch, you just ride your bike and get comfortable with it and you try to make the best results with it, of course.”

Judging by her overall Women’s WorldTour title and second-place finish at the Taiwan KOM Challenge, it is clear Vos formed a bond with her bike over the 2019 season. You can find all the details of Vos’ Langma Advanced SL setup on CyclingTips.


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