Rae Morrison's Hometown Guide: Wellington, New Zealand

Home Sweet Home with Pro Enduro Racer Rae Morrison

The Enduro World Series is over and Rae Morrison of the Giant Factory Off-Road team is heading back home to New Zealand. We wanted to find out – what are some of Rae’s favorite things to do back home?

Favourite Trail

I don't have one particular favourite trail that I session over and over again. I like to ride a diverse range of trails and try to ride somewhere different every day. I like Wellington's trail network for its wide variety of terrain from steep natural and techy singletrack to pumpy and flowy tracks. In the video, I chose to take you on a tour of “V” on Mount Victoria. It is right in the heart of the city and has incredible 360 views over Wellington city and the harbor from the top. The trail consists of a super fun bit of steep and rooty of track that holds up really well in the wet (it had poured with rain overnight). It's a short 2-minute track which you can easily bust out in a 20-minute full lap making it a great lunch time ride.

Favourite Coffee Shop

My favourite coffee stop is the bike shop where my partner works. They have a great coffee machine there and always good banter. It is my pre-ride stop for my essential caffeine hit.

Favourite Restaurant

Chow restaurant is a great wee place that does a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. I like to get a range of small dishes so I can try a little bit of everything!

Favourite Place to Get My Sweat On

I love being able to get a workout in outside if the weather permits, either with the TRX attached to a tree or body weight exercises. If the weather is a bit on the ‘less than ideal’ side, I go to the local high school gym where my partner and flatmate workout to use proper weights.

Favourite Tavern

I like a pub called the Sprig and Fern. It's just down the road from where I live and has a good choice of craft beer.

Favourite Non-Biking Outdoor Activity

I don’t really have one! I love everything about biking and it consumes all my time. There is rarely a day at home when I’m not riding trail or road. I’d love to branch out some da and try skiing and snowboarding, but right now I spend most of the New Zealand winter on the road racing my bike! It’s not a bad problem to have!