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Avail Advanced 3


15.999,99 kn

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Light and lively on the climbs and supremely confident on the descents, this versatile endurance road bike will help you cover miles with confidence and ease. Avail Advanced is built around an Advanced-grade composite frame that features an exceptional, lightweight endurance geometry with a special carbon layup tuned specifically women. The D-Fuse seatpost reduces road vibration, keeping you fresh for the long haul. Disc brake technology provides confidence and control in variable weather, maintaining stopping power on wet roads, while also accommodating larger tire sizes. This bike also features OverDrive steerer tube for increased frontal stiffness and precise steering, along with the PowerCore bottom bracket for pedaling efficiency.

Ključni faktori

Built for Endurance

Advanced-grade composite and OverDrive supply unprecedented pedaling and cornering stiffness, on an endurance geometry for all-day riding.


Combines the weight-savings and stability of a compact road frame design with powerful disc brakes for expert handling and control, no matter the weather and road conditions.

Adaptable comfort

Tackles the roads less traveled with larger-size tire compatibility, and D-Fuse SL seat post and handlebars to soak up bumps.

Zašto to volimo

Responsive, energetic and determined, this bike makes long days in the saddle more comfortable than ever. The 3F geometry provides a smooth ride so you can experience the comfort and freedom to settle in for endless miles. Complete with disc brakes, this bike exhibits stopping power in any condition. With both climbing agility and descending composure, the Avail Advanced will lead you to search for new challenges each ride.

VeličineXXS, XS, S, M, L
BojeMetallic Red
OkvirAdvanced-Grade Composite
VilicaAdvanced-Grade Composite, full-composite OverDrive steerer
VolanLiv Contact SL D-Fuse [XXS, XS, S, M] Giant Contact SL D-Fuse [L]
Lula volanaGiant Contact
Cijev sjedalaGiant D-Fuse, composite
SjedaloLiv Contact (forward)
Ručice mjenjačaShimano Tiagra
Prednji mjenjačShimano Tiagra
Stražnji mjenjačShimano Tiagra
KočniceShimano Tiagra
Ručice kočnicaShimano Tiagra
KazetaShimano Tiagra, 11x34
LanacKMC X10
PogonShimano Tiagra, 34/50
Osovina pogona (BB)Shimano, press fit
ObručiGiant PR-2 Disc wheelset
NabeGiant PR-2 Disc wheelset
ŽbiceGiant PR-2 Disc wheelset
GumeGiant Gavia Fondo 1, 700x32, tubeless
TežinaKoliko je težak ovaj bicikl? To je vrlo često i dobro pitanje. Ali, istina je, da zapravo nema pravog industrijskog standarda za definiranje težine bicikla te upravo zbog toga dolazi do raznih dezinformacija. Razlike postoje zbog različitih veličina okvira, materijala okvira, završne obrade i ostalih komponenti. Što je bicikl lakši to su ove razlike važnije. U GIANTu vjerujemo da je jedini ispravan način da saznate točnu težinu bicikla da ga izvažete kod vašeg prodavača bicikala.

Sve navedene specifikacije podložne su promjeni bez prethodne najave.

Confidence and Control

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Confidence and Control

Vodič za određivanje veličine i geometrija

Sizing to be used as a reference only. Please check with a local authorized Liv or Giant dealer to determine the correct size.
Available sizes may vary from country to country.

  • XXS
      145 cm4’9”  to 156 cm5’1”
  • XS
      153 cm5’0”  to 162 cm5’4”
  • S
      158 cm5’2”  to 169 cm5’7”
  • M
      165 cm5’5”  to 174 cm5’9”
  • L
      171 cm5’7”  to 182 cm6’0”
bike diagram
Dužina cijevi sjedala (mm) (inch)38515,240015,743517,147018,550519,9
Kut cijevi sjedala (degrees)75,0°74,5°74,5°74,0°74,0°
Dužina gornje cijevi (mm) (inch)50019,751520,352520,754021,355521,9
Dužina prednje cijevi (mm) (inch)1104,31254,91455,71656,51857,3
Kut vilice (degrees)70,0°70,5°71,5°72,0°72,0°
Zakrivljenost vilice (offset) (mm) (inch)502502502502502
Staza (mm) (inch)753712,8652,6622,4622,4
Međuosovinski razmak kotača (mm) (inch)98838,999539,299839,3100439,5102040,2
Dužina od osovine pogona do osovine zadnjeg kotača (CS) (mm) (inch)42016,542016,542016,542016,542016,5
Položaj osovine pogona (mm) (inch)753753732,9732,9732,9
Vertikalna dužina od osovine pogona do glave okvira (stack) (mm) (inch)51120,152720,754721,556822,458723,1
Horizontalna dužina od osovine pogona do glave okvira (reach) (mm) (inch)36314,336814,537314,737714,838715,2
Prekoračna visina (mm) (inch)6612668426,971628,274529,377230,4
Širina volana (mm) (inch)380153801540015,740015,742016,5
Dužina lule volana (mm) (inch)702,8702,8803,1903,5903,5
Dužina poluge pedale (mm) (inch)1656,51656,51706,71706,7172,56,8
Veličina kotača 700C700C700C700C700C


Advanced Composite Technology
Compact Road Design
D-Fuse Seatpost
3F: Fit, Form, Function

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Sve navedene specifikacije podložne su promjeni bez prethodne najave.